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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

E3 2013 Attendance

There have been two main reasons why I began this blog.

One was to simply share and connect with others who are like me. In the process, I realized that if I was good at what I did, I'd be paid handsomely for what I enjoy.

Second, I wanted to attend E3. Ever since I heard about E3 in the early 2000's, I wanted to attend at least one just for the sake of going.

This website has been growing in size considerably since it's beginning in April of this year. I have had well over a few thousand viewers and now have a set average of people that view the blog on a daily basis and it hasn't decreased in under two months. I also had a few people decide to comment to some of my entries which shows even more people coming. It's been great and I decided that maybe I'd try my luck and try and register for E3 for next year.

I think I got ahead of myself. I began registering myself to attend then got to the end and was about to hit the Finish button before I decided to not go through with it. Not only is the price not in my budget now but I'm not sure if I deserve the chance to go and mingle with those others who have a much larger audience than I do.

My goal for 2013 is to grow this into something more. I'd like WheneverIFeelLikeIt to be big and huge. I'd like to be the place for everyone to come and enjoy themselves. I'd like this site to be the most shared website on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever popular social media is out there. I'd like this to be the most searched website in every search engine.

Oh yes, my dreams are big. But I have faith that I can do it. Going to E3 isn't something that I'd like to do just for myself now, but also for you guys. I enjoy writing these blogs for you and I love it when I see referrals from Facebook and people's comments here discussing whatever was on topic. It's cool. You guys are awesome. I'd love to get to go and get to report on what I see there for you guys to get excited about.

So I ask you guys to help me make this website grow. Without you guys, this is only an incomplete dream.

Thanks so much to everyone who has simply came here and has enjoyed my posts. I appreciate you! Here's to 2013!

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