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Monday, December 31, 2012

Frustration with NFS Most Wanted (2005)

I wrote a fairly bi-polar review on the recent title in the Need for Speed series because of the initial impression versus how the game truly played once played for a little while. Since then, I have sold that copy and moved on to playing the older version more and more. The real Most Wanted title that doesn't disappoint and hasn't since it was first produced. While its sequel, Carbon, may not have been a bad game, these two are, arguably, called the greatest games in the NFS series alongside the original Hot Pursuit and Underground 1 & 2.

I enjoyed playing Need for Speed Most Wanted when it came out on my PlayStation Portable simply known as the PSP. However, I didn't buy the game for my console until earlier this year. Much to my surprise, NFS MW was still on the shelf at GameStop for $35. It is rare to find any copies of this game or Carbon in any store or available online because of how valuable the games are.

So I've been playing more and more since buying the game and loving the game just as much as if I bought it new. I've been rising through the ranks, customizing my cars, buying new cars, unlocking territory...all the good stuff the newer, blasphemous title doesn't have. Tonight, I felt like hopping online to play against some people with my cars but was shocked to get the error saying "Attention EA servers are currently experiencing problems. Please try again later."

I Binged the error to see what was the problem and came up with this website saying that EA had shut down the servers back in 2011. I read through the comments to find that I wasn't alone. That many more gamers enjoyed playing this game. Others even expressed outrage that EA would continue to allow the game to be sold without warning gamers that the online wasn't available or without simply removing the game from being resold. Some even said that they bought it in digital format expecting to play online to read this same message.

For those playing on PCs, an option has been made that allows players to play with others however I have yet to see something like this for console gamers. Anyone out there know any methods for us? I really enjoyed playing this game, don't want any of the new NFS titles, and want to play online on my 360. This is what I'd expect of EA though. Probably not enough people buying the newer NFS titles.

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