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Monday, December 3, 2012

Keep the Internet Free

I try my absolute hardest to stay away from the topic of politics although it may come up from time to time like with things like SOPA. However, when talking about such topics, I try to stay as non-partisan as I can which isn't hard to do when dealing with this topic.

Both political mindsets stand on both sides of these issues with some supporting the measures and others standing on the opposition.

Bills and legislation like SOPA threaten us directly on this website and anywhere else on the internet. Governments around the world have continually tried to find ways of getting control of the internet from their citizens. While some countries have been successful, others have continued trying to do so in discreet ways that deceive the population.

Around the time of the SOPA legislation, I wrote my local politician regarding my frustration with the bill. It was the first and only time that I've ever directly contacted a politician except through other ways like petitions. I was shocked when she actually replied back to me and actually broke down my e-mail, letting me know that it was a human writing this e-mail and not a pre-written response. She disagreed with me in supporting the legislation and explained why. To her, she didn't see it as control over the internet but a way to combat piracy. Many other Americans felt the same way; however, just as many of us felt a different way about the bill.

Groups like the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, and many more have voiced a strong disagreement with the measure in that it would allow control over us.

What's written in bills like it and itself threaten just about every area of the internet and we must be careful when voicing support for things like it before actually taking the time to read what it says. And while the bill may not directly threaten my website, it could lead to it later on with additions.

The idea that I share with many others is that governments need to stay out of the internet and allow us to keep our freedom. We can see with countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China where the government is allowed so much control that the citizens are constantly denied access to some websites. It gets even worse when we see nations that are just now granting their citizens the right to use the internet. Our own government does it like when the FBI confiscates a website like those hosting torrent downloads, but it's rare.

I enjoy having the freedom to say and write what I want. I enjoy also having the ability to share what I want too. These and more rights are being threatened with laws like the one listed above. We, in our own regions, need to make our voices heard that we want the right to use the internet freely. Contact your local politicians when your rights are threatened and keep up with the news to be alerted when new laws are trying to be passed that may threaten your rights.

I am so happy with this website and the buzz it is creating. I am so grateful to live in the 21st century with these new innovations and inventions at my disposal. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you guys who takes the time to read our posts. We truly appreciate it. I look forward to a time somewhere in the future when we can all enjoy the internet freely regardless where we live.

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