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Monday, December 17, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Content Coming Soon

I bought a Nintendo 3DS on Sunday and expect to buy a Wii U soon if things go as planned. I'm seeing more stuff from Nintendo that has me excited and making me get more Nintendo products. I bought Super Mario 3D Land today and am really enjoying it so far. I'd like to get some other 3DS titles as well as some other DS titles that I've missed out on soon.

BlackHood4 has had a 3DS for a while but hasn't felt the need to write any posts about the console or its various games. I, on the other hand, feel like I may have some things to write about in future posts.

If and when I buy a Wii U, posts will be made about it. I want to wait until I am sure that there are hacks and good homebrew for the system and at that point I will be writing on things in those areas.

So far, the 3DS is a solid handheld and has exceeded my initial impression. I prefer Microsoft and Sony games over Nintendo's because they seem to have more 3D games but now Nintendo seems to have some good games like that. Not 3D in the sense of popping out at you but 3-Dimensional like how Halo or Killzone play where it's not 2D like an older Mario game. Don't get me wrong; the old Mario games are classics and great but I prefer 3D games and Nintendo has these. This Mario game that I just bought is one of these that I'm talking about. It's great to play another 3D Mario title and I can't wait to get some more like this one.

Of course the next game on my list is Mario Kart. I've been a fan since playing the Nintendo 64 version when I was younger. I've seen the Mario Kart titles for the DS and am very impressed by what I see.

I'm looking for some of the older games like from the Nintendo 64 playable on the Nintendo 3DS but I am doubtful they will ever be ported over.

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