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Friday, December 7, 2012

[Review] Far Cry 3 Xbox 360

I just bought Far Cry 3 today and gotta say that it has topped what I originally thought before buying the game.

I bought the special Far Cry 1 &2 edition for the Xbox 360 a few years ago but was never able to get into it. I tried playing the first one then moving onto the second once I completed it, but the game was much too difficult for me as I kept having to retry again and again. However, I did enjoy the map editor which was lots of fun playing around with. Don't get me wrong. The game itself, with its premise, was awesome. I just wasn't able to enjoy it due to frustration. But this game...this is a much different game.

I have been playing, literally, nonstop since I got home at about 5 pm and now it's 10:36 pm. This is the only time that I've stopped to actually do something and that's to write about my experience thus far.

For those of us who are fans of open world games, this is our game. Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the Elder Scrolls series, Just Cause 2, Mercenaries 2, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed, and many more open world games come to mind when trying to describe this game. Not only those titles, but also FPS shooters as this is a game with FPS action.

This is one of those games that I'd like to call an RPG, but seriously, I don't think it fits well into that genre. It would fit under the same genre that Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause would go under plus the feel of an RPG.

The only reason why I have a hard time classifying this as an RPG is that the game allows for customization of the character, but not in the appearance nor in individual attributes like in games like The Elder Scrolls.

The game is pretty messed up in the way that it begins but you soon forget the gruesome beginning. As with most open world games, I haven't been too focused on the main quest but rather trying to do the other things like just exploring and hunting.

For those familiar with Assassin's Creed...this game will definitely make you feel at home. Do you remember having to climb church steeples and other high buildings to synchronize and update the map? This is the same concept in FC3. While you may not climb up the side of a building, the game requires that you climb a radio tower from the inside and reach the top to disconnect a piece of equipment and update the GPS map. Once that's done, you can search the area much more efficiently just like with the AC games. The game even makes a reference in the beginning to AC when the main character, Jake, jumps into a pool of water and says something about "taking the leap of faith" ;)

The game allows players to decide how they will encounter the enemy. The player can stealthily watch the enemies and make silent moves or go in with full force and have a full on firefight. I have had the pleasure of trying both multiple times. Often times, I'll sneak from behind, knife a few people, then go full auto on the rest of the enemies.

Ubisoft included perks which allow the player to perform special tasks like cooking a grenade, receiving more health, regenerating health faster, and others.

While human enemies are a huge part of this game, you have to remember that this setting takes place on an island with many creatures. The game not only encourages players to hunt but forces. In order to upgrade your ammo pack, pack for general items, and others, you must kill and skin animals to get the material to make such items. The game even goes as far as limiting the amount that the player carries until he/she makes new wallets to hold more money. FC3 has many side missions with some being hunting missions where the player is asked to pick up a certain weapon, go to an area, and begin to hunt the prey. Often times, the prey is a predator and you can find yourself looking for an animal and the next minute being attacked by that target. Animals in the game come in all shapes and sizes from small chickens to Komodo Dragons.

Getting back to the topic of stealth...the game has many options for players to use for stealth if the player wishes. Players can buy attachments for their weapons which can be silencers, larger magazines, scopes, and more. A bow and arrow is included in the game as well as the knife which are the most used weapons for stealth.

At this point, I have two problems with the game and one lies in the area of realism and the other in the upgrades. While the game is as real as it gets, sometimes it's too real. I've only died about 4-6 times but you can lose health very quickly just from walking around and not even engaging any sort of enemy. Sometimes you may fall off of a rock and be hurt instantly. However, I don't have that much of a problem with it because health isn't too hard to come by. As well as hunting animals, the game has a variety of plants that the player can pick and combine to create various mixtures to do all sorts of things like healing. And the process for making these concoctions can be done anywhere in the game. The other area that I have a problem with is with upgrading. I haven't been able to upgrade my weapons' pouch because I can't find any goats to make the material. I've been playing for about five hours and still can't find goats. Every other animal has been easy to find except this one. Either that, or the animals get too afraid. It could be due to my own performance. Either way, the problems that I have at this moment are little to none.

As always, I'll keep playing the game and if I find anything else worthy of being written down, I'll come back and update this blog. While most of my other reviews have been positive then turned negative in the update, I don't think that will be true for this game. This game was well made and I am having lots of fun with it.

Update 12/15/2012:
I've been playing through the game and I am thoroughly impressed and love the game. It has surpassed my initial impressions of the game.

The only thing that I seem to have a problem with is that there are no driveable least at the moment where I am in the game (I'm near completing it, but not finished yet). I also have a problem with the cut-scenes  They are long and can't be skipped. I like the story, I just want to skip some of the cut-scenes sometimes especially if I replay the game.

But the game is still really cool. The gameplay is loads of fun, the map is very big and enjoyable to explore, the vehicles are fun and feel fairly realistic, the camera angles are well done, the fire-fights are engaging and fun...the game has been really well done.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is into open world games and first person shooters. These are the two genres that seem to best capture this game.

Below are some links to help you buy the game online. While the purchases don't cost you anymore than usual, they would generate revenue for myself at no extra cost to you. Each link connects to a different retailer.

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