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Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday Night Live Review

I figure that some of what is covered on this blog covers the same area of entertainment so I figured that I wouldn't be overstepping my boundaries by reviewing a television show.

Over the holiday weekend, before Christmas, my family turned on the television and we saw a sketch from Saturday Night Live. My mom held the remote and my dad were both watching it. I was sitting on the couch, every once in a while glancing up at the television but more interested in my Nintendo 3DS. I overheard my mom and dad watching it quietly; not a sound or peep was made through the entire two sketches until my mom asked, "Should I change it?" And they changed it. I turned on the television last Saturday and flipped through all of the channels before landing back on SNL. I'd watched it before but never found anything funny. I decided that I'd give it one last shot and sit and watch an entire 15 minutes of the show. Like my parents, not a single sound was made while watching the show. I didn't giggle, didn't laugh, didn't even smile. Sometimes, while watching something that is utter crap like Death Racers made by the guys behind Insane Clown Posse, I actually do laugh at how terrible it is but SNL was just terrible. I couldn't even laugh at how bad it was.

The laugh track (or supposed live audience) seemed to laugh at everything somehow trying to force the audience into laughing when laughing was scheduled.

I had disagreements with the show before because of its bias, but still found the show unfunny. The few sketches that I viewed on Saturday and the Saturday beforehand contained nothing that I could disagree with. The sketches simply weren't funny. Other sketches, I couldn't understand what was the pun. Some shows often mock a celebrity for something they're known for like poking fun at Johnny Depp with something having to do with pirates. SNL sketches aren't built this way. They'll have Mark Wahlberg associated in a joke with animals and I wonder if I'm missing some sort of news story where he was abusing animals or something. And then for others like the classic SNL sketch with Christopher Walken doing Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson, I found none of it funny even though I understood why Bruce was being mocked for having cowbell but it just wasn't funny at all.

I'm not sure if it's me but I just can't see anything funny in the shows. I've tried watching them even watching the "Best of" episodes on Netflix and still can't find the show funny. I like other shows like MadTV, In Living Color, and other similar shows but never could get into SNL. I wonder why it's been on for as long as it has and why people love it so much.

I love the actors on the show when they plan on other things but when they're on SNL, somehow they bring out this side that is absolutely unfunny. (The same can be said of others like MadTV's cast when playing in movies but hilarious when on the show.)

Anyone care to chime in?

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