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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gaming News 1/23/13

Yoshi Wii U? You may get some of the green dinosaur yet. On the Wii U's official facebook page, they've put out three photos for you. By the looks of them, the game will be a 3D 2D platformer like the New Super Mario Bros games. In one of the pictures, Yoshi is all yarn-ed up like the last Kirby game released, but in 3D.
Also on the Wii U's page, they've put out a trailer for Bayonetta 2.
Liked The Legend of Zelda Windwaker for the Gamecube? Want them to put it on the Wii U as a port from the Gamecube? Looks like you're not thinking big enough! It was announced that it will be getting an HD remake. Not just a touch up, but they're actually making the game again specifically for the Wii U, which means it will use the game pad and have a few things reworked on it. No new details on that other than it may come out in a few months but I'll let you know as soon as there is some more. Apart from that, the Wii U may get it's own original Zelda game. The studio with it says they're rethinking the conventions of Zelda. I don't know what that means but if I get anything I'll let you know.
Hey guess what? More Wii U news! New Smash Bros is coming to the Wii U as well as a new Mario Kart and new 3D Mario done by the Mario Galaxy team. On top of that, the Virtual console is coming to the Wii U as well. It will include save states, playing on the game pad and you'll be able to play Gameboy Advance, NES and SNES games. NES and SNES will kick it off to begin and others are poised to be released at a later date. If you bought the Virtual console on the Wii, you'll get a sweet deal from Nintendo which will significantly drop the cost for it on the Wii U. How low? Well the SNES at it's highest price is almost ten bucks but with that little deal you get it for less than 2. As an added bonus, those games will also be at a very low price. Mario and Smash will be playable at E3.
Monolith Soft (guys from the Xenoblade Chronicles) is coming out with a Wii U JRPG. Not much details on that but as always I see what I can find.

Bitter sweet news: THQ has been dissolved.
-SEGA has purchased  Relic, dev of Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.
-Koch media, owner of Deep Silver (Dead Island's dev), has picked up Volition which made Saints Row and Metro. They have stated they will continue to market those games.
-Crytek has picked up Homefront and they will make Homefront 2.
-Take-Two, parent company of Rockstar and 2K, was rumored to have picked up Vigil (Darksider's dev) but has not. Instead they have Turtle Rock Studio's project code named Evolve.
-Ubisoft has picked up THQ Montreal and has decided to join it with their current operation teams. Apart from that, they've also picked up the new South Park game: The Stick of Truth and have slated it for a release sometime this year.
Each of them paid a hefty sum for their share. The only thing left is the WWE franchise which has been yet to be disclosed. If I get any new information et cetera, et cetera.

Dead Island: Riptide has a new game play trailer/footage out there. Sorry I can't put it on here but you'll be able to find it on Youtube as always.

Elder Scrolls online released the beta to a select few people. You can sign up on Bethesda's official site.

Dead Space 3 has been announced their will be micro transactions like in MMOs for the game. You can spend real money to buy new weapons. Apart from that, you can still get the weapons in the game without spending real money which is a nice touch.

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