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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Top 5 Predictions of this Year

I know people have been talking about it a bit so I will too. I hope most of my list will be inaccurate due to the fact I am very pessimistic.

5: GTA V is released, we love it, less than awesome DLC to follow.

GTA IV was a great game. The graphics were a bit hit and miss for some just as the story was for others but we liked it nonetheless. Rockstar is a company of quality. I seriously can't think of a single bad game they've made. What we know is that they are committed to their product and take the time to fashion a great game.

The DLC for IV on the other hand was less than spectacular, yet still playable. The Ballad and Lost and Damned were copy paste stories that felt a bit tacked on. The characters were less than interesting, the stories were short and there wasn't much to do. The one thing I can say was good about it was the fact that each character is represented in the main story line and is quiet unique and interesting to see how they melded.

4: Sony's VITA is gone, PS4 is delayed and Sony will experience money struggles.

It's no secret our economy is bad right now, yet still video game companies seem to thrive... big companies that is. A game's value isn't solely based upon how good it is but how it sells. Some games are total crap and yet they sell while games like Psychonauts, despite the praise it got, still fell short. However, consoles and handhelds are different. You see a game is much cheaper and can be bought multiple times over by a normal gamer's salary. A console costs a lot more and there's no point in buying another one. VITA has failed in many instances. It seems like Sony is copying Nintendo in too many areas but the right ones. The Wii to Move, 3DS to VITA. When Sony is doing stuff by themselves, they actually aren't doing too bad but they mess up a lot like the price and price drop of the PS3. The VITA showed no promise from not being cross compatible with their last handheld to having lack luster titles, I'm surprised it hasn't died already.

The PS4 is not coming any time soon. We've seen multiple times that Sony has backed out of a release date and eventually messed up some minor detail. Apart from that, the PS3 isn't done. It's still getting games, many triple A, published for it. Sony isn't going to let it sink just yet. the PS4 will likely come out around two years after Microsoft's new system like last time. It won't be as good as the newer consoles as well mind you.

The money struggles will come as expected because Sony isn't the most intelligent game company. They keep slipping up time and time again. They will pull through it and I hope they become a better company because of it.

3: More third party Wii U titles and less exclusives.

Out of the three gaming giants (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo), Nintendo is by far my favorite. They are smart with their product and always try to give the fans what they want... and usually deliver. The problem is, there isn't going to be many exclusives. Sure there will be things like Batman Arkham Armored Edition where it has features that the others didn't but I'm talking about Nintendo's exclusive platforms like Pokemon, Pikmin, Zelda etc. I don't know if it just takes a while to make those games but lets just say don't hold your breath. We may see something this year but that is a big maybe. My guess is by next year we'll at least get some info on the games to come.

2: Nothing too not worthy on the 3DS/DS.

It's not a surprise that the 3DS and DS don't get much games and the games they do get are either third party or simply just a reboot/HD remake. Most of these games don't venture any further than the "Teen" rating. It's also no secret the 3DS doesn't get much attention anymore. Any news is either a few games released or just a new update. Though it's not going the route of the VITA, not much is happening to it.

1: Xbox 720, coming soon.

Finally we'll get news about Microsoft's new system, including pricing details, minute features as well as a release date probably around summer or fall. We'll definitely be seeing something done with the Kinect as well as an update to the system to make it actually more playable. Until the Kinect upgrades, we won't see any triple A titles for it nor any rating for their games higher than an 8.

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