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Friday, January 11, 2013

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review 9/10

For those of you who don't know, The Old Republic (swotor) was and still is an MMO that came out some time ago. Recently the game has gone free to play and since I'm really cheap I decided to give it a try. What I found was by far the best Star Wars game I've played so far which took out Battlefront 2 by a small margin.

The Good:
Holy s*** this game looks nice. I recently got a new computer which allows me to play more awesome games but even then this game still looks stellar. The character models, the graphics, scenery etc.

I REALLY hate MMOs. I mean, REALLY. The whole "have to be online to play" is freaking stupid. The fact that I bought a game (not in this case) only to have it not work in certain places and even in those certain places it still may not work sounds incredibly stupid as all of you Diablo III people can tell you. This game does it sort of decent. I've been kicked off about 3 times but I'll label that to internet traffic as I never had a problem before that. It's almost a necessity to have people in this game because if you're the same level as an enemy, it's a 50/50 chance you'll die and enemies come in spades more than often. Sometimes it was just waiting for someone to come by or just being super strategic.

I was really surprised with the combat. Combat is another reason I hate MMOs. I can clearly see my hit's... hitting enemies yet due to some stupid little stats, they completely shrug it off yet the later doesn't apply to me. At least in this game, I can see they kind of dodged the attack. Making me feel a little less pissed.

The cut scenes! Oh my the cut scenes! An MMO with cut scenes that look like the movies? Sign me up! I especially like how your character has their own voice. It makes me feel weird having a silent protagonist while everyone else speaks, yet at the same time I speak in either battles or people know what I'm saying. The two worst offenders of this are Knights of the Old Republic and the Zelda series. We can clearly hear these people talking yet they can't speak to others? I don't know it's just a tiny little gripe of mine, but I can definitely appreciate what Bioware did with this little thing.

Speaking of Knights of the Old Republic (another Star Wars game), this is what I wished Kotor could have been. The fights in that game were boring and just bland waiting games. In this, I feel like I'm actually doing something, whether it's using one of two main attacks or buffing myself. Apart from that, I can switch between any enemy I want to attack. I really wish they'd remake the Knights series and put in the combat mechanics from this.

The Bad:

At first, I was going to put this in the Good category, then as I progressed into the Meh, now it's just a fault. The exclusives. If you bought the game/subscribed for online play before it went free to play, you get some cool upgrades like cheaper items in store, bigger pouches and more character slots. Where I see it's nice I can buy them via money (otherwise I actually have to option to buy) I find it freaking annoying. You see premium players get this cool ability which allows them to run faster. That may not seem like a bad thing but this world is freaking huge and there's only three ways I've found to get around: 1) a teleport ability which teleports you to a previously found location and has a horrible (over an hour) cool down rate, 2) speeders, which I think cost money, which do the same as the teleport except that they are in certain specific areas and 3) walking/running. Now the sprint thing is not what I'm mad about, it's everything else. Apart from that, the game keeps reminding me how much I'm missing out by not paying for this stuff. Usually via whenever I beat a quest, sometimes there's this thing which I can't open unless I pay real cash. Sometimes, that's all I get (something I can't open). That is fucking stupid.

Always online? I know I touched on this but it's a good point. After a while of being disconnected for the third time in a row and my computer doesn't tell me what happened, you kind of have to get pissed off a bit. I know I put it up to traffic but if it wasn't forcefully online then I wouldn't have that problem to begin with. This is part of the reason I don't play MMOs period.

The items pretty much suck. I'm at level 9 right now and I'm waiting for my light saber. Also, I can't buy and use certain items because they won't allow me to level up some proficiencies like heavy armor. That's not a bad thing but now I have to level grind to get a bit more powerful, so I can do a quest, to get more powerful, so I can do another quest, so I can hopefully get my light saber. Again another reason why I don't play MMOs: for the run around. The run around basically means that they're trying their hardest to keep you playing.

While I have you on topic, level grinding is fine when I can see my progress. I've looked for at least an hour and I still can't find the damn level progression bar. For those of you who don't know, it's just this tiny bar that says how close you are to the next level. I think I've passed about 5000 xp and still no new level. If the bar is extremely high, I don't care just as long as I can see it to get some progression.

The Meh:

The Tutorials are fine but again they don't tell me much. At the first start of the game I figured out how to move all on my own (the WASD combo or the arrow keys). Yet I don't get the smaller things like here's where your stats are or where you can see your progression.

Some of the quests seem a bit repetitive. Though I need them for progression, I wouldn't mind a lot more in number as well as variety. Oh ya there aren't that many quests so leveling is a bitch.

After all this, I still think The Old Republic is the best Star Wars game I've played. And ya I'm kind of addicted to it so I'll probably still be playing it.

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