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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The End of Used Games? Or the End of Consoles?

I suppose by now all of you have seen the PS4's patent or at least heard of Sony's relatively new idea to ban all used games for their systems. At first I wasn't going to talk about it because everyone is talking about it and there's not much to be said. But if this actually goes through I want to have given my two cents at least just so people can either reflect back on it and wish used games were still a thing or laugh and thank God this didn't actually go through.

Some of you may or may not know that Sony released a patent for their new idea to make used games obsolete. What you may not have known is that the this was already tried on the PS3, and thank God they didn't actually go through with that. However, now it's really hit to home. People are actually talking about it before it goes through, and there is also 'physical' evidence on the internet that validates our fears this may be a reality. There is also a rumor floating around that Microsoft's new system may do the same as well, leaving Nintendo to have the last console to still use used games.

First I would like to share my love of consoles. The very first console I ever got was a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES for short. This was around the time of the PS1 but I still loved the thing nonetheless. When I first got into gaming that I can remember almost clearly I had an Xbox. Since my family never was all that rich used games were really a God send because of how low the price was and we could take it back with little hassle. To this day I still buy and sell used games and it's really kind of a necessity to me considering that I don't make a lot of money. I don't personally own a PS3, but the fact that this may become a reality is kind of scary because other companies may adopt this as well.

Now I don't claim to be a business wizard but I do know value of games and what they mean to the industry.  Simple facts like if a game was released not too long ago and now it's significantly cheaper then it means the game sucks or the company behind it either went out of business or is very generous ie. Square Enix's Deus Ex Human Revolution's generous drop. I can say with all certainty that places like GameStop will go out of business eventually if this goes through. I mean, why else would they be buying up iPad's and other non gaming items. Now you may say "I don't care if they go out of business because they cheat me out of games." What you need to realize is a supply and demand is going through because if they constantly don't make a profit they will die out. There is a major fact that the majority of gamers tend to buy or sell used games often because it's cheap and relatively safe. Newer games are much more of a gamble because we don't know if it's good or a flop and, for most companies, a new game sell is final. What this means is a decreased sale of new games, which in Sony's case, is all games. After that, game companies will become less frequent and only the strongest will survive just barely.

It's kind of sad to see that Sony has finally lost it. It's like an old childhood friend who everyone knew was cool and whoever had him at their house became automatically cool. Sure as the years past he didn't age well. The PS2 was his best ever and after that he made a kind of crappy handheld system, but all was forgiven considering the games on it. Then the PS3 rolled around and everyone was excited and horrified. Their friend decided to make a hefty price for his awesomeness almost like he was selling himself to attend parties. But we paid and eventually it became more of a bore. When we turned our attention to him after a while he would sit there and wait, updating. He never really seemed there because we would just leave him there to warm up and make sure he was up to date. But all was forgiven again because of the games, despite his unusual approach to two players at a time or even switching between standard definition and HDMI televisions. And then The Elder Scrolls Skyrim came out and... it was completely broken. In anger Sony fans blamed Bethesda, the game's developer. Despite months of working with a broken system and two different expansions added to both other systems they only got it to be just barely playable. And now to make himself more edgy he's gone and betrayed his friends in search of a even greater paycheck. The sad thing is no one will buy into his game. Sure some will tag along for another while but are you really going to wait for those load times? Or the fact that your games will be even more expensive? Soon he'll be all alone and won't have any redeeming qualities left other than what came before. Well all look back and remember how cool he was and try to forget what he became.

You see Sony after you make your quick buck, after you finally sell out those who made you a corporate giant what will you be? Yes you make other electronic items but you'll never be a friend to us again like you were. Our patience is running thin to your constant bastardization of the community I hold so dear. You're on the edge of the cliff right now and if you take that final plunge there's no one to pull you back up. Don't betray your friends. At the very least if you don't think of us as friends why not partners? We give you money and in return you give us enjoyment. Not partners? Well how about your paycheck? Because we are your boss. We give you money in turn for good hard work, don't we? We may not see everything or have control but we sure as hell make your stocks rise or fall. Just think this through. That's all I'm asking. Bioware listened to their fans outcry over something they didn't like and they changed it. So would you listen to us? Just turn back so we can forget it and have a good laugh. I don't like where this is going. I may seem insane talking to you like a person but considering how many people have stuck by you since the beginning you've become somewhat of a family member to them.

Alright. Personal rant over. Let's pray tomorrow is a brighter day.

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