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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update on Next Gen Console Coverage

This blog started almost one year ago and we've been doing our very best to cover the scenes involving many areas of the video game console market. Mostly with the Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3. However, recent changes that come down from Microsoft and Sony may prevent us from continued coverage.

The unofficial names of the next systems, known as the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 or "Orbis", are said to be projects involving a new sort of technology that is very anti-gamer and anti-third party. They are said to utilize a system that will prevent the use of used games. If this is true, WIFLI authors may not be purchasing the systems until changes are made, if they ever are.

This blog's authors have bought these games both brand new and used. Most of our reviews come from brand new games but some of our older games rely on older used games. If this market goes away due to these selfish actions, we may not continue to cover gaming in these areas as we have before. Many other gaming stores and websites will also go under. GameStop, Best Buy, and other retailers of used games will either close shop completely, close down brick-and-mortar shops and only work online, or be hurt very badly. Your other favorite gaming sites and blogs may also be in trouble.

To prevent this from happening, you can do two things.

Respond to these companies, mostly Sony and Microsoft, through their official Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets or contact them directly with e-mails and telephone calls about how upset you are over the new decision.

You can also show support for everyone in the gaming community by not buying one of these systems that utilize these features. These features will hurt you as a user as well as these various businesses and individuals. If these companies lose money on the systems due to us not purchasing these systems, they will have no other option but to change and provide us with ways to use used games.

Please do not let them ruin our gaming experience. We enjoy playing these games as well as having the opportunity to write about them here. We don't deserve to have this happen.

Will you stand against these new measures with us?

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