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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ways to Reduce Spam

You probably came here looking for a solution to ending all of that gross spam you keep getting. If you already have spam, here are a few ways to reduce on that clutter.

-In the spam e-mail(s), look towards the bottom of the e-mail and search for something about unsubscribing. Typically, these are almost always at the bottom of e-mails. Sometimes they will clearly say unsubscribe while others may simply be a vague or blank link. Hover your mouse's cursor until it changes to alert you that there is a clickable link. Most Windows PCs will change from an arrow to a pointing index finger. Clicking this should take you to a site to unsubscribe.

-Mark the spam e-mail(s) as spam and/or block the sender. Some e-mail clients have options to mark e-mails as spam while others may not. If yours does, utilize this feature. Almost all e-mail clients have ways of blocking senders. You may have to do a few things to find this feature, but it's almost always there. If you can't find it, use a search engine like Google to search for the answer. Nowadays, much of the spam e-mails that are sent out using hacked e-mail accounts, however, most e-mail clients not only mark the sender as spam but also analyze the content to prevent further e-mails like that one from reaching your inbox folder. Marking e-mails as spam also alerts e-mail providers to what accounts may be hacked and what ones may need to be shut down to reduce the number of new spam e-mails sent.

If you came here looking for ways to prevent spam e-mails, here are some ways.

-Avoid sharing your e-mail address as much as you can. Posting your e-mail address publicly online in its full name such as "" allows for spam-bots and spammers to choose your e-mail to attack. Treat your e-mail address just as you would your phone number, or better yet, your social security number. You wouldn't leave it in the open at a coffee shop, give it to a complete stranger, or shout it to the whole world from a street corner. Treat the internet the same way. Share only with close, trusted friends and family.

-Create multiple e-mail addresses and use one for different purposes. Use one solely for website accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., another for businesses to contact you, another for personal friends and family to contact you through, etc. Name each e-mail address accordingly and make sure to not allow the e-mails to mix in areas they don't belong.

-If you can help it, stay away from places like Yahoo chat rooms, Craigslist ads where you have to e-mail, and other places that are filled with robots and spammers. These will be sure to give you unwanted e-mails in the future.

-Refrain from replying to spam e-mails.

-Some e-mail providers allow for you to create fake identity to hide your real e-mail address. Most e-mail providers will require that you be a premium member or pay a fee for this feature but it can be worth it. This is the same as buying a pre-paid phone as a "temporary phone" where you give someone an e-mail address that is disposable and temporary so you can remain anonymous. Yahoo Mail allows this and it is called an "Alias" which can, currently, be found by going to the top right of your Yahoo Mail screen (once logged in), hovering over your name, clicking "Account Info", move down the page under "Account Settings" to where it says "Manage your Yahoo! aliases".

-If a family member or known friend is spamming you, let them know through another method than replying to them or e-mailing them through that infected e-mail address. Letting them know can reduce spam coming to you and infecting your own e-mail account. I've, personally, been hacked because someone gained a way of getting into my account by being in my contacts.

There are lots of ways to avoid getting spammed but the best way to ensure that you aren't spammed is to be safe and avoid giving your e-mail address out to anyone and everyone. These are some of the many ways to act out protecting your e-mail address.

Are there any ways that you've come up with? Have any of these ways worked for you? I'd love to hear your own stories.

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