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Monday, February 4, 2013

3DS or a Vita? Easy Choice

I'm going to put this out as a clear point of observation. While I don't own a Vita, someone close to me does and by our exchanges, I'm going to say which is better.
Seem a bit unfair? Well not really. You see a game is best gone on word of mouth. What that basically means is what someone says is going to be close if not exact to your overall opinion of something. If someone universally praises something, either they're a fan boy or it's actually good. Same goes for the opposite. The same is true of music, movies and most forms of media.

My Vita Experience:
I'm going to say this off the bat: I have no love for Sony. True they have good games but those are exclusive games that could have been ported to other systems. It seems like Sony is the kid at school who likes hogging everything, kind of like what happened to Kevin Butler. The guy is an actor if you didn't know and sort of a spokesman for Sony as their faux VP in their commercials. He's funny and makes Sony commercials a thousand times more enjoyable. He appeared in a Bridgestone commercial (which I heard he's apart of the company or something) and there just happened to be a Nintendo console in the commercial. Sony got pissy and filed a suit against him. To which I have to say he is an actor, you haven't put him in anything recently so let him feed himself by doing his job. Apart from that minor tid-bit, Sony seems vastly unapologetic. This is the second time one of their systems has been vastly over priced and yet they still believe people will buy their system, regardless that we know it will be marked down within the year. You may make the argument that Nintendo's 3DS was overpriced as well but they at least marked it down, apologized and then gave the people who bought it at the initial price deals in the store after the fact. You could also make the point that Sony did the same thing with the PSN hack but then again people's vital information was stolen, what else could they have done.
But enough of that, let's look at the Vita. First off, the design sucks. The PSP was a broken design to begin with due to the fact it was too spaced out and you either had to bend your hands in an awkward fashion or just deal with the pain from playing it. They also 'one-uped' Nintendo again with touch screens. Yes touch screens are something that is out there and prevalent to most forms of electronic devices, but when your biggest competitor comes out with touch screen on their system and time and time again you've copied their designs (see Wii's controller versus the Move), we can't help but get a bit suspicious. "But it has dual touch screens!" That only further proves my point. What does 'DS' stand for? Dual Screens. Also a touch screen on the back? A touch screen is meant for you to be able to see while you touch, not to be blind to your own actions. The messed up thing is the entire screen is a touch screen. Why does that suck? Mostly because if you break the touch screen, you're pretty much screwed as every single game I've seen uses it. You ever broken a touch screen phone? It's practically useless without a fix and that aint cheap.
Going in line with copying Nintendo once more is their game cartridge design. Seriously? Nintendo's been doing cartridges since... well I can't think of when they did first do cartridges. On top of it, the thing can fit inside my thumb so good luck if you drop it. Also the damn thing is wafer thin so it's easy to snap in half. I really think I could store one of these inside my phone's memory card slot.
The software for this thing is beyond astounding. On launch day there were no games for it, now there are no good games for it and you know what's going to come out on it? Nothing good or notable. Ratchet and Clank? Sly Cooper? Ya those are all coming out on PS3 so get the non broken console versions instead. And if they aren't and I've gotten my information wrong, you can play it on the PS3 so it's no big deal.
Here's the one thing Sony has the advantage over for this: able to connect to their main system and play. Sure it was ripped off of the Gamecube to Gameboy Advance's design but if you're going to copy something, copy the good stuff. Sometimes playing on a little device cramps my hands and it's nice to use a controller every now and again. However, that function is again trumped by the lack of a cord. Wifi and wireless connections don't always work. Give us the option to manually connect.

My 3DS Experience:
You know that cool game you bought for this company's previous system and now that you have the new system it sucks you can't play it on here. Well that's not the case with the 3DS. Ever single DS game can be played with ease on the 3DS. Let me emphasize that. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Non of this PS2 to PS3 bs or even the complete lack of UMDs (PSP's system) to tiny stick Vita. What a concept. So you mean I bought this game and can still use it without any extra purchase guaranteed? Some people may say that you can hook up your account to the Vita and download previously purchased titles but then again, I don't use the online stores as often so that kind of makes the point moot. I have a 3DS and I don't have any 3DS games. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't like the 3D function and never have used it so I could go either way on the 3DS games.
Speaking of games, have you seen the DS's library? It can't be counted! I may be exaggerating slightly, but there are thousands of DS games out there. Sure not all of them are good but there's always that one gem that you may like. If not, choose from the massive amount of others out there. Lack of mature games? It's a handheld system, if I want a mature game it's going to be on my PC or console. Even then, there are a few M rated games on here.
The online store is actually pretty good for a handheld. Granted it's not as good as PSN or LIVE but it's not bad. I can choose prices, make certain conditions for a game and find exactly what I'm into. There's also a bunch of classic games and not just last generation, I mean NES classic aka back in the 80's.
What I really like about Nintendo is their commitment to fan service. Can you think of a main title of theirs that wasn't at least halfway decent? Because I can't. I know I said there were thousands of DS games and some of them not great but even then there are great games in there. Let's say I have some darts. Vita will have ten darts and the 3DS has 100. Statistically speaking, the 3DS has a better chance of hitting that bull's eye and maybe even hit it multiple times.

Why am I so harsh on Sony? Because I know they can do better. They've helped make some awesome things and now they're just dumbed down, not even to make themselves user friendly just to... actually I have no idea what has happened with them. After PlayStation All Stars, the Move, PS3 mess ups, they made the PSP. Granted it wasn't perfect but it had some great things about it. Hell, I still have mine. And then they go and mess up the formula with the Vita. Honestly I had high hopes for the Vita but you have sorely disappointed me. Make some good things again! Maybe put some time into crafting some awesome games for the Vita. I've been seeing some low scores for these games and it troubles me. Also, don't count Persona 4: Golden because that is just a port with some added things from an older game. Stop with the version exclusives and start focusing on your games and hardware. Maybe then I wouldn't have a reason to bitch so much about your stuff.

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