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Monday, February 18, 2013

FedEx E-mail Scam

Check out the screenshot below.

This is one of the latest in e-mail scams that I received in the last week. Coming from a private e-mail address no less which made it funny and obviously a scam first-off. Check out who the sender is. If it was FedEx, it would have been from one of their e-mails, not some random person's personal e-mail account.

As always, the bleeped out pieces include my personal e-mail address as well as other victims in the pathetic attempt.

Be careful out there. My e-mail provider was smart enough to know this was spam and sent it to the spam folder immediately. But if you happen to come across one of these, make sure to:
-not contact the people even to harass them
-contact the REAL FedEx or whatever business is being spoofed about this, perhaps even forwarding the e-mail
-delete the e-mail unless asked otherwise by the business and mark as spam if you can

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