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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gaming News 2/9/13

Oh hey, guess what? A new Call of Duty game is coming this year... Oh boy. If I have a lack of joy it's because well just about every year there's another one. Good for you if you like the series and more badass commercials for those of us who don't.

Like Assassin's Creed games? It doesn't matter if you were disappointed with this last installment, apparently, there will be another one. The game will be different from all the others with a different protagonist, different setting, different story line and might even be by a different team. No new details other than rumors but here's crossing my fingers for an edo period of Japan complete with samurais and ninjas. It's been a long time since I've played a good ninja/samurai game. Seeing how it's by a new dev and a completely new just about everything, it may be on next gen.

Liked Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic? Want a new title? Well you may get your wish. Obsidian has pitched that they want to make a Star Wars RPG. You may know their work from the recent Fallout: New Vegas. The game is supposed to be taking place in between Episodes III and IV. What that translates into is that Order 66 has been executed and all across the galaxy jedi are being hunted down and killed. You may also know that The Force Unleashed games took place during this time as well (I did because I'm a huge nerd). It's not known whether or not it will have anything to do with those games but anything's possible. The game's idea was pitched before the buyout by Disney, however, Obsidian's CEO Feargus Urquhart sees this as a bad idea as The Old Republic (the Star Wars MMO) didn't do well as they had hoped. However, Urquhart has planed to continue to push the idea to Disney solely for potential purposes most likely. I say It's a good idea but only time will tell if we get another Star Wars RPG.

Fan of Rayman? Bad luck... or good luck depending on what system you own. The game is now coming to all consoles instead of just the Wii U. Bad for Wii U owners because the game will be delayed even longer. One person who (as I hear it is a dev) was updating the Spanish blog for info-ing the fans on the game said he was really pissed because the game was already finished almost 6 months ago. The delay is completely useless and the only thing it has accomplished is keeping the people working on the game away from their families.

Haven't bought a Wii U yet? Well maybe this will convince you. There's a new bundle available for you Mature players. The bundle will include the game ZombiU along with a premium black Wii U console + game pad. As an added bonus it also comes with a free digital copy of Nintendo Land all for 390 American. How much are you saving? The console is 350, ZombiU is still 60 just as Nintendo Land is. All together that's 470 American so you'll be saving a pretty 80 bucks. Not bad, Nintendo.

This wouldn't be a proper news day without some unusual news and this is as unusual as it can get. There's going to be a... Farmville cartoon. I'm not going to even go further into that because I have no idea of anyone who wants this or anyone who actually still plays that. But at least you know that is out there, so... ya.

RAGE fans? Well if you have the game on Steam you now have access to their Tool Kit. What this means is you can create your own content just like the devs. Well not just like them but you get my point. The download itself is... THIRTY FIVE GIGS. Sorry there was no way I could just glaze over that. Yes 35+ gigs to download this. Visit for more details including some documents you can read about it.
Some quicker news, Dragonborn is now available on Steam if you're interested. I've played it and it's pretty solid.
Like Bethesda's in game music? Ya well get in line, it's all good. Regardless, you can now buy a bunch of soundtracks on iTunes around ten bucks each the most expensive being Skyrim's for around 16.
Oh hey PlayStation Skyrim-ers, you've got some release dates! Dragonborn comes out on the 12th, Hearthfire on the 20th and Dawnguard on the 26th. As an added bonus, if you buy them once they come out, you'll get those DLCs for an extremely reduced price.

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