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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Twitter Phishing Scam

I cannot stress it enough, be careful of what links you are sent to from anywhere on the net including trusted friends on Twitter.

One of my fellow Twitter friends "sent" me a message asking me about some picture he and I were in. I immediately knew it was fake because I have never met nor talked to this person in real life. Here's where "his" bit link sent me to.

Newbies who look at this screenshot will immediately not see any problems and may be tricked into thinking this is the legitimate Twitter website asking you to log in again.

Check the screenshot again, most notably the URL address where it says "" at the top. Now do you see anything wrong with it? It says "".

This is another phishing scam website. It is called phishing because the scammers are "fishing" for information. Basically, this is the bait that the fisherman has set out as a trap. When you, the fish, sees the bait, you come in closer and nibble because you think it's real.

When you enter in your real account information, the scammer has your information and can now freely log into your account. There is really no technical things that go on with most phishing, it's just someone who gave their information without realizing what they did.

After you enter your information, a screen will pop up telling you that an error occurred. To check if this is the right Twitter, check the Twitter address, even double check it, type in a fake e-mail login and password and see what it tells you. If it tries again, close out and log into Twitter by manually typing out Twitter into the bar yourself. Contact Twitter with any suspicious links like the one you probably just received.

If your Twitter account has been hacked (this also works for hacked Facebook accounts too) change your password. To make it even more secure, change your e-mail address linked to your account. These "hackers" "hack" into your account just by  logging into your account with your information. If that information changes, they no longer have access to it.

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