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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What the hell, Apple? (a look at Apple products)

I know this is out of my bounds seeing as I mostly do games. If you really feel I should tie this into gaming, check out After hours of frustratingly trying to find cool metal remixes to my favorite Metroid songs, there's one site which allowed me to find some of the coolest remixes I've heard, and it's mainly the biggest reason I downloaded iTunes today. I have had iTunes before, so I'm not a total weirdo in that regard. At first this was just going to be about iTunes but I found a lot more to talk about.

Let's get this clear: I'm a PC guy. Whether it's games, movies, songs, tv shows etc, I have been a PC since I was a child and that's my main reasons why I don't conform to Apple (we'll get to the 'conform' side of things later). I can say Apple's products are sleek and mostly well designed, I can help but feel a massive feeling of indifference. Sure their computers are sleeker and more 'futuristic' design of what people in the twenties would have thought of a sleek, small personal computation device as wide as my chest. Back to the indifference, why should I buy your crap? I say crap in an endearing term because I'm childish and in a few years it will be crap. Right now I'm on a PC built in with 6 gigs of RAM and can play Skyrim + mods with little to no lag time. Though it isn't Crysis worthy, it's a decent gaming PC/laptop. The going price for a nice ol' beauty like this would put me back around a thousand bucks, eight hundred if I'm active on sales and lucky. All in all, it does it's job. So why is it so wrong that I don't use your fancy Mac?... other than the reasons I've already listed.

I think everyone feels like the original Apple commercial: sticking it to the man and being a non-conformist. Apple is no doubt one of the most revolutionary companies out there and it was sad to see Steve Jobs pass. Even before his unfortunate passing, I never cared for Apple. It's always been the fancy equivalent (and more expensive) to most other things. What have I been using instead of iTunes? Zune. Quit your laughing and let me explain. For the entire time I had Zune it has updated once. Take not I have only downloaded it two times and the only time it did an update was in the 2 plus years I've had it. Apart from that, the menu design being amazingly simple, I can see my album art in plain view (what a concept!) and switch from albums and songs on the fly as well as being able to see what the album is via small blocks. Apart from that I can change the size of the windows for songs, artists and albums to suit my style of viewing. Movies, tv shows and music downloads are a breeze to find as well. "But iTunes has that as well." Yes it does, astute reader. But what it doesn't have is ease. You see, if you have the same Apple account on more than two computers, one computer will have to have their access deleted. So if you sold a computer with that on their you are screwed royally. On top of that, the menus are a bitch to navigate and sometimes things are vastly over priced. Also what the hell is with all the updates. The only reason I have iTunes is so I can put more songs onto my iPod. Yes I have an iPod but I didn't buy it, I would have much preferred the Zune for the reasons I mentioned above as well as the sleek design it had. I don't get why people felt it was so inferior. Apple had been dominating the market of mp3 players (ie. the iPod) and there were so many needless variations. Is a little change so bad? The only reason I keep my iPod is because well... I'm cheap and this thing has yet to break.

Back to computers, the cost of all Mac products are extremely high to their PC counterparts and the first question is why? I realize there are some things PCs don't have like Garage Band but even then, is that worth the extra hundreds you spent on it? The only thing I can think of in Apple is innovation. Not good innovation mind you. Like how you didn't get the iPhone 5 and instead got the iPhone 4S? Or how about how they are just now putting SOME games on Mac? The Mac is so stupidly designed it's baffling. Take the keyboard. Okay so we got all the numbers and all the letters, very good. Wait what is that and eject button? Not needed but I can see how it would come in handy. Wait, what the fuck is that? It looks like a symbol for a cult. Is Apple a cult? What do I even call that symbol? It's like a square then four circles around it. I'm sure Apple has come up with some "brilliant" name for that symbol of 'fuck-all'. Now Apple has done some good things, like they're the only company I know to have made a laptop thinner than a small text book. That way when I get pissed off about the new iTunes update, I can crack that sucker over my knee and be done with it.

I mentioned 'The Cult of Apple' above jokingly but it's not that idiotic. When I was in highschool, not too long ago, I never owned an Apple product nor cared. The first time I ever felt any negative feelings when it came to Apple was when people acted like elitists when they owned every single Apple accessory. I literally heard kids talk about how their Apple Earbuds were superior to other earbuds. I told them how I didn't care about Apple and immediately I was ostracized. The only two people that ever treated me halfway decent despite being big Apple supporters were my English teacher and a guy who was my friend. They both gave decent answers to why they were Apple users and most of those reasons were for job purposes. When I finally got an iPod for Christmas I was ecstatic. "Now no one can belittle me for not owning an Apple product," I said. I got to school and showed everyone to which they gave me at least a nod of approval. A few weeks later, I was listening to it in class and someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Hey what are you doing?" "Oh just listening to some music." "Not that, that's the old model. There's a completely new one out now." "What's different?" "It's bigger, sleeker and holds more songs. You need to get one."
Then it came back, Apple keeps putting out new things and if you're not in style, you might as well be a hermit. Truth is, Apple is an elitist club and not so much of a cult. It's members treat others badly and say how their's is the pinnacle of innovation, yet they can't even tell me a good reason to buy one. Truth is, Apple has strayed so far left from their original commercial of 'non-conformity' that they themselves have become a vessel for conforming. Me, I just want to listen to music. You can do what you like.

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