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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Downgrade iTunes?

iTunes got an upgrade a few weeks ago, and it has received quite a bit of criticism  Apple's latest update to the new version did not answer people's frustrations either.

I have been tracking where my views have been coming from and I've noticed that a lot of people would like to downgrade their iTunes to a previous version before this latest update. I know the answer to this; although, I, personally, am not going to downgrade as I have optimism and am not as bothered as others are. So here are the instructions.

First thing to do is to uninstall your current version of iTunes. If it asks you if you'd like to keep your settings and/or music, tell it that you would.
Next thing to do is to do a Google/Bing/Yahoo search. What is the version you would like to downgrade to?  Currently, the newest version is 11.+, most people seem to have liked 10.+ more which was the previous version. If you want to downgrade to a 10, search for something along the lines of this "iTunes 10 download". You will then come up with a few search results, some may be from file storage places like 4shared. Most of these website should be okay but be careful. If you get one alert from your anti-virus program, cancel and/or delete the download immediately. Some results in your search may be from forums like an Apple or iTunes dedicated forum. Some of these will have people who have the same issue as you and some may even upload their install packages for you to download and use. These are usually good and if they aren't, others in the forum will make an uproar about the file.
Once you have downloaded this install package, if on Windows, it should be a .exe package. Double click this file and begin the installation process. Once it's done, you should have iTunes X.XX.XX which is whatever version you wanted.

For pretty much any computer program, this method should work. I always tend to download and "save" install packages whereas most people simply download and run install packages. Running an install package keeps it in temporary storage and is deleted later while save allows you to save it for use whenever you feel like using it. That is the difference between "save" and "run" when downloading a program online.

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