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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PPSSPP Release for Android and More!

Every year, it seems that we get new emulators of our favorite nostalgia systems. We've had the popular SNES emulators and now we finally have one for our mobile phones from a generation ago.

Introducing the PPSSPP emulator for Android! A working PSP emulator for your mobile device! Click here for the download's page. You can search the Play Store for the emulator or you can download it from their page. In addition, there is a donation version. Like many amazing developers, not much has changed for cheapos between the donation version and the free version besides the icon being gold.

Other systems include Windows, Blackberry 10, Linux, and more! Unfortunately, it appears that noobs may have a hard time installing the emulator on many of these devices. As is the case with many emulators, expect your device to not run all games as if you actually had the actual PlayStation Portable system.

But this is great news. It won't be long before we see other emulators from this same time period arise too!

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