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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gaming News 4/16/13

New on Bethesda. First off we have leaked footage of The Elder Scrolls MMO in case you weren't chosen for the beta. I unfortunately can't post it first off because something makes it impossible to post videos on this site as well as Bethesda is doing it's best to take down all footage and I A) respect the company for making great games and don't wish to undermine them and B) I would rather avoid a legal snafoo with a company in general, save it to say one as big as Zenimax even more. The game does look notably bad from what I've seen, looking like what was in between Oblivion and Skyrim. But it is a beta so I can't judge that much.
Speaking of Skyrim, Bethesda has stated it will no longer be working on DLC for the game *gasp*. They've said they wish to focus on other projects and one can only presume three things 1) working on the MMO, 2) another Morrowind to Oblivion to Skyrim game? and 3) Fallout 4? Time will tell. I wish the best of luck to the team and heartily await their next venture. If you're disappointed, Skyrim's 1.9 patch has already released for 360 as well as PC. Which takes away the level cap, adds a legendary difficulty and allows you to get legendary skills. Apart from that, the Steam community still has free content all the time, so Skyrim is far from a dead game.
More Bethesda news?! Knife of Dunwall, Dishonored DLC released. If you've played the game, the DLC tells the story of the person who murdered the woman in the first part of the vanilla game. It is available on PS3, 360 and PC via Steam etc.

Defiance hit stores a while ago and has come under mediocre reviews. I was skeptical of the game at first, unwilling to buy it as well so you won't be seeing a review from me anytime soon.

Always online games? No we are not talking about MMOs, we are talking about consoles and always online games. This has been circling the webs for sometime and has even caught some backlash. In a tweet, one of Microsoft's employees lashed out at some fans for the idea of always online games being in favor of it (I will not name names but you know who). Said employee no longer works at Microsoft and the company will not comment on what happened or why they chose (or who chose) the decision. No word on the actual outcome of what will happen, however, fans have been speaking in outrage against the idea and plenty of companies keep coming with the conclusion it is a good idea.

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