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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Want to Make the Most of Bing Rewards?

Most people that use my phone always bug me about using Bing. I use Bing because I prefer it over Google and Yahoo! and other search engines for many reasons. But it seems that I'm in a minority.

Bing has a program that can help you get free stuff for doing next to nothing though! That's one of the advantages of them not being as big as the other guys.

Bing's program is called Bing Rewards. The title of this blog post was chosen over "How to get free Bing points" simply because this method is more so for those who want to make the most of the program or want to keep using their other search engine. If that's the case, this is the blog post for you.

In order to keep being in the program, the catch is that you have to keep using Bing to search. It doesn't have to be your default search engine or homepage, but you do have to do a minimum amount of searches to keep your rep with them strong. I have multiple Hotmail accounts and when I began using one over the other, I switched Bing Rewards accounts and they continue to remind me that not using the other will forfeit my gold status. Gold status in the program is nice because you can get more points (I believe) and get discounts on rewards in the shop. I am currently a gold member and it didn't take me long to get there following these methods.

Note that this is for those who are already enrolled in the program. Enrolling is 100% free. You simply need a Facebook account and/or a Hotmail (Outlook) account. Visit Bing's webpage to sign up.

Click this link to access the below page.

This is a pretty cool page. It is a "to-do" list and seems to be updated daily. Complete the offers on this page, usually always free things, to get more points. Usually it takes 3 searches to get 1 point; however, with this page, you can get 3 points sometimes just from clicking one link.

Another way to get more points is to check out this page.

Oh, I apologize; did I send you to the Bing homepage? ;) I most certainly did. How can you get more points just by being on this page? Easy.

For those of you who don't use Bing as your default search engine, this is a great way to rack up points daily and keep your status as a gold member. Plus, you'll be able to stay current with the latest gossip and news!

See in the lower left hand corner with all the pictures of people like Rick Warren and Stephen Hawking? These are "trending topics". This is a relatively new online term for topics discussed online. Basically, this is what is being most searched on Bing for the day. These changes at least once every day and sometimes twice or more a day. The only exception to this is something that affects the planet like a nuclear devastation where the same story can be posted for days upon days. Even then, the stories usually change. And Bing doesn't seem to care if it was an old story you viewed.

Visit Bing's page once every day. To be on the safe side, just do it every morning when you wake up or when you first use a web browser. Click every single one of these trending topics. It doesn't mater if you read them or click any links in the search query, just click the images then go back to the Bing page. Once that's done, do a few more searches for random stuff. Anything you can think of. This alone will help you keep your status and rack up points, very slowly though.

The best way to use Bing to get free stuff is to use it as your sole internet search engine. I've been using it for about 2+ years now and have gotten over 2,000 points in my time there. In the past two months alone, I've gotten over 400 points just by using it.

For me, the best reward are the Xbox points because I actually use them and get the most out of them. As you can see, I've got 900 points just sitting around waiting for me to collect. That's two 400 point cards for free! All I've been doing is exactly what I told you guys in the above post.

As Bing gets bigger, we may see drastic changes or a complete removal of this system, so take advantage of it while it lasts! The only reason why Bing has such a program is so that they can rise to the ranks of Google and Yahoo! who have been well established for years.


  1. This program is a joke unless you like bing.
    So what if you get 4000 points in 2 years, that
    is worth about what, $35? I typically save
    $20 on a quick shopping trip using coupons that
    took an hour to collect and plan a purchase.
    Plus I got shopping done, similar to how using BING
    gets searching done. Except here for that amount
    of time, every day, you seem to get about 1% of
    the payback. Great if you love BING, otherwise
    a waste of time.

    1. No, actually, you can get enough points for a $5 gift card at Amazon in only 16 days.

    2. How negative can you be? To some people, $35 is a lot.. and its more than I had before. Why not take advantage of it?

    3. I love using Bing and have found that I can actually rack up a lot in a short amount of time. I save all my points until Christmas and cash them in for the Amazon gift cards. This makes shopping at Amazon a lot easier. I do wish that they had an option to cash in for Paypal.

  2. I agree, Yoshi. You're right, it's only good for those who like to use Bing, like myself. That's why I wrote this more for those who wanted to get the most out of it as they could, which you can see isn't very much.

    The Xbox gift cards are only worth about $5 for 400 points or whatever, but it's good enough for me to get some of the cool indie titles or an expansion like the Red Dead Redemption Undead pack. It'd be good for anyone who's interested in the rewards and uses the service. But if you're not, I would say that it's not worth it.

    On the other hand, it is free stuff. The only way that it's not free is that you're wasting time using it. But just to check the trending topics shouldn't take too much out of your day. And after a while, you won't save tons of money, but you will get free stuff. I've gotten a total of four 400 point cards so it's been worth it for me. $5 can cover an entire combo at some fast food places which is lunch for some people.

    But if you're not a fan of Bing, again, it's not worth it.

  3. If you make 4 accounts with hotmail, you can use each of them. After a few months, the real earnings kick in. I simply log into each of my accounts each day, open up my bing search bot ( and Log in and out of each of my accounts. I now have gold on each of my accounts, so I can earn a lot. A 5$ Amazon card is worth 475 points. Here is how much I am earning.

    30 Points per day from searches on 4 accounts (30x4) = 120 Points
    3 Points from bonus offers on 4 accounts (3x4) = 12 Points.

    Daily Earnings

    132 Points ~ $1.39

    Weekly Earnings

    924 Points ~ $9.70

    Monthly Earnings (Based on a 31 day month)

    4092 Points ~ $42.96

    Yearly Earnings

    46992 Points ~ $493.341

    And here is my average time spent with bing rewards

    Day - 6 Minutes
    Week - 42 Minutes
    Month -186 Minutes
    Year - 2190 Minutes (36.5 Hours)

    The time that I spend is slowly going down, so soon maybe I will only spend 20 hours a year on it.

    So far I have been earning for about 8 Months, and I have earned maybe 150$.

    Not been scammed - Yet.

    These are all averages*

    Hope This Helps! And btw - You are taking a risk by making more than 4 accounts.

    1. Very impressive, kj1398!

      I guess you proved that it can pay, very nicely, by simply using Bing. While you may not win a million dollars, I can see by your math that you did fairly well for yourself also considering that you didn't spend a single penny for any of that free merchandise.

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. How can you make 30 points a day? I'm at a gold status and with bonus offers I only get 26-27

    3. How can you make 30 points a day? I'm at a gold status and with bonus offers I only get 26-27

  4. Making more than 5 accounts will be get you banned.


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