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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodbye, Xbox. You shall be missed.

You know I've been with Xbox my whole life. It was my first real invested console I had. The hardware was nice and amazing were the games. Then the new Xbox 360 came out. It was the hot new thing but even then I still cared about old little guy. When I finally got my hands on the 360 I never really hated it nor loved it. It was the games that really made it what it was. The graphics were nice and only got better. New and amazing titles plowed in and I was overwhelmed. I would shake my fist to Sony for their blatant amount of exclusives, further hindering my gaming experience with amazing games like Resistance and Journey only being on the PS3. However, I stuck to my 360.
New and used games I played many of them. I've had plenty of good and bad times with the games, but in the end I had fun. Now I say goodbye to Xbox, because of their new announcement. I debated whether or not to hold a poll to ask you guys which console I would buy: the new Xbox or PS4. But after hearing what they plan to do with used games, I'll keep my 360 and opt for a PS4 instead. Seriously what the hell? I thought Sony was disconnected with gamers. Having updates that could take an entire day and an unusual menu as well as some other minor gripes with the PS3. But it seems Sony came out on top, making sure not to alienate gamers from playing used games (maybe, they've been real hush hush about that whole thing, but for now Sony seems most sane). Thought GameStop was bad? Well it's going to get even worse. Used games don't cost considerably less than new games, but those few bucks sometimes makes all the difference when it comes to whether or not I should buy a game. It seems now I will have to pay to be able to play used games on the new Xbox (I will not call it the Xbox One because A: that is a stupid name and B: the 'Xbox One' is just the original Xbox). While they dressed it up in an intelligent way, making it so those games are available to me all the time, they forgot one thing: the internet. Surprisingly, despite them making computers, Microsoft clearly doesn't spend enough time on the internet, because if they did, they'd know we were stressing about this above all. I don't give a crap about specs, I don't care what new games you'll have on it. What I care about is will I be able to play games the same way as before, better or worse. Do you want to pay for games indefinitely? Of course not. That's why we have GameStop so we can trade in games we don't like. You may say it doesn't hinder me being able to play a game but yes it does. You see, I have to pay an extra fee to play a game I just bought. This is worse than those dumb online codes because this makes it so I can't play a game period until I buy something.
How will this effect GameStop? A: they need to make games (used) cheaper to even make a slight profit because in the end you're not paying 20 for a used game, you're paying 20 plus a random number. B: people will be less likely to buy used games because now we don't want to take in account that extra bit of money we need to pay. There are a few things going through my mind when I buy a game. Do I have enough money? Can I afford this? Do I want it? One and two are similar but having enough is not the same as if I can afford it. I am an adult and I have adult things to pay for like cat food, food for me, gas etc. I don't want to have to add an extra number to that equation I had ingrained since I was a child going to EB Games/GameStop when I was younger.
Your decision was not only ignorant, Microsoft, it was plain thoughtless. You forgot who actually buys your game system. You forgot the little person. Perhaps not your entire company, but surely the gaming portion did screw up. You know what I often run into when buying a used game? Sometimes it doesn't work. Does that mean I will have to pay your extra fee to find out a game doesn't work and repeat the process thereby giving you 300% of what I actually paid for the game to begin with? No. I won't be a party to that. You have a duty to your customer and you failed my expectations. I urge people to boycott the new Xbox until they change this ridiculous policy.
Sony, you aren't much better either. I've always disliked you for your constant use of exclusivity of games, but in the end I can't complain. You haven't said definitively whether or not you'll allow me to use used games like before. Just say it and that's it. Don't beat around the bush with this topic, because if you take the same route I will boycott your system as well.
And finally I would like to say thank you to Nintendo. I have no qualms against you. Time and time again you have been the good guy of gaming, favoring your fans over the money and you have been generously rewarded for doing so. Maybe it's because you've been around for so long or maybe it's something else. In any case, I'd like to thank you for being a stand up company and remembering who buys your product. If Sony decides to go the same route as Microsoft, I will line up to buy your console because I know that supporting you is a sane decision and I will be rewarded for the experience, and in turn I will reward you as well with my money and gratitude.
Thank you for reading. Happy gaming.

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