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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Did Facebook Restrict You for No Reason?

Have you received this notification on Facebook yet?

"Our automated systems have restricted you from accessing certain features on Facebook."

Apparently many users are experiencing this problem when using Facebook. Facebook has put a 2 week hold on my account, without reason and proof, as to why I am restricted.

Here's what it looks like on my account as of today.

Facebook no longer allows me to comment to pages. Has this happened to anyone else? What was your solution? Facebook refuses to listen to users like me who are being mistreated by its system.

I was taken off of restriction after the 2 weeks just as was promised but was never given an exact reason for my restriction.

It seems that many more users are having this issue. Feel free to use the comments, below, to discuss your issue and feel free to respond to other users regarding their issues. Facebook isn't very accepting of allowing us to voice our concerns on their website even though it's a huge problem, but I'm willing to do so with my blog here.

*A note to future readers. As of early 2014, I have completely deleted my Facebook account and am unable to help with issues that may arise in the future as Facebook continuously changes its look and feel. I'll try to help, but I cannot guarantee that I can help with your specific issue due to this reason.


  1. I've been stuck like this for >2 weeks now and I have done everything I can think of... I appealed the ban 3 times and even tried emailing and got an automated response :/

  2. This is really terrible, Adrian. Has it been longer than 2 weeks for you? Did it specify how long your restriction was supposed to last?

    Mine initially said 2 weeks but now it doesn't even give a date. Mine also used to have a place to appeal but no longer has any such option. I'm sure that you and I are not spammers in any way either.

    I'm going to try and e-mail Facebook using that e-mail and see what I get.

  3. Hi! Did eithe rof you figure out how to solve this. My account has just been block and I was sent this notification... Our automated systems have restricted you from accessing certain features on Facebook. Posting on or creating Pages.

    I am not been given any idea how long this restriction will be in place or why it has been done. I am not abusive etc so I am confussed.

    1. No, sorry to say, Francine, I was never able to figure out what happened. I never figured out what my violation was nor was I able to overturn it. Facebook did not reply back to any of the e-mails that I sent them either.

      My only "solution" was that I waited it out and got my account back when they said it would come back.

    2. i was never given a date, and it has been 2 and a half months for me. help?

    3. @Max Smith, were you ever given a reason? What was the indication that you've been "restricted"?

      If it uses the term "indefinitely", it could be a permanent ban. Lots of these websites also seem vague in the way that they tell you too, most will use the term "suspension" which seems to imply that it's only temporary, but in most cases, it means "permanently".

      Are you barred from making statuses, comments, or contacting other members?

      Just seeing that it's been over 2 months, I'd say it's permanent. Have you tried contacting Facebook about it? Facebook support doesn't help much, but they may, at the very least, be able to tell you whether it's permanent or temporary.

    4. You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.

      If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.
      A confirmation is required before you can proceed.

      That is what it says. I was never given a reason, and i have tried dozens of appeals. I can contact my friends, post on their walls, my walls, exchange messages, just not post on random pages I have liked. Te only response i ever get is from the automated service saying "thank you for your feedback. While we dont reply to these, we do review them".

    5. And as for support, I cant find any way to get a hold of faccbook. Its all automated. I have looked for a long time and no one seems to know of how to get a hold of an actual person anymore. Its all done through the help center.

    6. Have you tried posting to other pages or is it all Facebook pages? You might have been blocked by individual pages.

      Facebook used to have a way to e-mail them and someone would e-mail you back to your e-mail address. Usually it was a "Karen" who was the sender but the message seemed phony, like it was automated.

      Facebook may have changed their policy on that and may only use FAQ pages now. If I find any link to e-mail their support, I'll be sure to send you the link.

    7. Our automated systems have restricted you from accessing certain features on Facebook.

      posting on or creating Pages

      thats what it says in the feature restrictions area in my account settings.

    8. Facebook does have an e-mail address that I contacted which is Under that part in Account Settings where it lists your restriction, there should be something about an appeal. Is that still there somewhere? That would be your best bet of contacting them about this restriction.

    9. I attempted that, and apparently that email address is no longer supported by facebook. The appeal button is still there, and i have tried dozens of them over the last few months, but recieved no reply.

    10. I hope you had a merry Christmas! I was actually able to get use the email address, but have not received a response. My final question to you is- how long did it take for them to email you back?
      I am very greatful for your time and help. This is more help than I received anywhere else.

    11. @Max, Merry Christmas to you as well! I apologize for not replying back until now.

      I checked my e-mails and I can't seem to find anything that suggests that Facebook replied to "" so you may be right that they no longer use it. However, if it was non-existent, we would have received daemon e-mails stating that it no longer existed, so they are reaching Facebook.

      As for the appeals, I'm surprised they haven't contacted you after that. They replied to me after I appealed (through automated messages saying that I'm still restricted and they wouldn't tell me why). It took them a little less than a week before they replied back to me and I had to check for those statuses. Now, it seems like Facebook will let you know through your notifications.

      No problem! I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help. I know this is really annoying to have this happen and I was where you were which is why I wrote this exact post, hoping others could give me some answers.

  4. I just got"restricted"from liking pages for 1 month and 1 day...i don't know why it understand why!..i have only liked 1 page(actor) in 2 weeks... It's not like in spamming anyone...i just appealed but going by sugar other people have said it isn't going to work..:/

  5. "You're restricted from posting on or creating Pages indefinitely.
    No reasons, no warming, a new account with a couple of normal comments, no response to my appeal...


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