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Saturday, May 25, 2013

PlayStation Jailbreaking

I've been stuck on a firmware above 3.55 for some time. All PS3 owners who want or understand jailbreak terms know what 3.55 means.

3.55 is the last version that was cracked by the dev community. I believe that the latest version is 4.41 and it has yet to be hacked as well as any other version before it. My particular console has been stuck on 4.21 for some time and the only way to jailbreak it at this point was to get a hardware mod.

Basically, 3.55 was the last time anyone could jailbreak a PlayStation 3 console with software. Beyond that requires additional hardware mods or physical tampering of the system. It can be risky and is guaranteed to void your warranty with Sony.

Thanks to a guy from Craigslist, I found someone who was able to hardmod my PS3 and give me access to jailbreak features. And it is as good as I thought it would be.

For me, I didn't want a jailbreak so I could download "free" games. Quite the contrary. I wanted to be able to buy more games and play more and more on my PS3. Sony fails to see how it can benefit anyone in a non-pirating way. In Sony's defense, they did only start cracking down when they saw a decline in sales and a huge presence of cheaters in one particular Call of Duty game. While that still doesn't completely justify their actions, it seems more reasonable that they'd react in the way they are. However, credit must be given where credit is due and Sony fails to do so with the dev community.

So let me start off by listing at least two of the pros that I've seen from jailbreaking.

Does everyone remember before the Vita came out and Sony, quite literally, promised gamers that they'd be able to play PS3 games on their PlayStation Vita? Needless to say, in the year that the PS Vita has been out, it has not once officially been given permission to run full PS3 titles. Not even PS2 titles. But that all changed with MultiMan.

MultiMan is an application designed for the PlayStation to allow the save of games on to the PlayStation 3's HDD or an external HD device. These games play through MultiMan and trick the PlayStation 3 into thinking that these games are being played via a Blu-Ray disc like all PS3 games play.

When I use Remote Play on my Vita and PS3 over a private network, I can use this MultiMan application and select the game that I want to play. I tried it and it works almost flawlessly from room to room.

I tried playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The game opened up, just like it does on my PS3, and I began playing with my Vita controls. The sound even came out of my Vita speakers. For those wondering, L2, R2, and thumbstick controls are done so by using combos like Select + R = R2. I even got up and walked out of the room and continued playing. Simply incredible. For a few seconds, the game did lag a slight bit but no more than an online Call of Duty game would.

One of the more legitimate reasons why I wanted jailbreak for so long was because I'm tired of loafing around a PS3 and a case full of games. I have plenty of room on my PS3 for extra storage, and if I don't, I just delete.

I realize that Sony allows people to buy games on their store, but that's such a waste when I already own the game. Plus, if I bought the $60 game, why can I not be allowed to play it on multiple devices in my own home? I'm not talking about lending it to all of my friends to try, I'm saying that I'd like to give a copy of Test Drive 2 to my brother so he can play with me sometimes. Why must I be forced into buying a whole new game just to do that? It's not my fault that the company behind the game didn't include local multiplayer.

The other reason that I like saving games on the HD is because I hate scratched games. I'd like to keep my game in my house and never have to touch it ever again unless I want to. I can't begin to tell you how I loathe my friends coming over and using my games and then they destroy them because they don't take care of them like I do. I'd rather give them the controller and let them play the games they want without them bothering me or risking my game disc.

I also don't like solely digital copies because what if the game is bad? Then you can't take it back to the store or sell it to someone who would enjoy it. What a waste.

Sony could learn a lot from these hackers but refuse to do so. It's sad considering how neat these features are. The guy who jailbroke my PS3 owned all of the games that he had on his PS3 as do I. I left my copy of RSV2 in the PS3 by mistake and he didn't copy it because he said that he didn't own the game. And there are many more people like he and I out there who won't use games that they haven't purchased. Not because some company tells me we can't but because we know it's morally wrong.

The one and only time that I would use a game that I did not own was to simply try it out. Say for instance, the new Halo came out and I wanted to get it but was unsure because of the company change. Why should I risk $60 for a game that could turn out to be utter crap? Honestly, most of the games that I have played, I liked and owned them. There were very few that were complete crap to me. I feel sorry for all those who purchased games like Call of Juarez: The Cartel or Bomberman for lots of money only to be disappointed. Why couldn't they be allowed to test the game before they bought it? Why did they have to purchase it to try it?

I agree that people shouldn't steal or download things that they do not own or without permission. But sometimes these companies go too far. And sometimes these companies get so arrogant that they forget that games are meant to be enjoyed and not solely a way of profit. I have yet to meet anyone who went into the gaming industry because they wanted to make money. Most want to be apart of great games and great projects, and in the process make some money. But I don't think any of them had the intention of screwing with any great features.

I apologize for going on a rant that's near off-topic. I just find these features so cool and really despise Sony for blocking these features because they lump us all in the same group.

Trust me when I say that a jailbroken PS3 is definitely the way to go especially if you want the things I mentioned and own a PS Vita.

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