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Friday, May 31, 2013

Warframe PC Review - 7.9/10

For the first time, I really actually have a hard time reviewing a game, and there's a few reasons why. First off, this game is AWESOME... but that doesn't necessarily make it good. You see where I'm getting with this? If you didn't know, this is a free to play game on Steam... which is partly why it's so hard to review. Let's not kid ourselves here. Not every free to play game is going to be good... in fact it's sometimes the opposite. Once and a while there are gems but for the most part, you'll be stuck with something mediocre or something with game busting flaws that make you see why the game was never released for money. This... doesn't really fall into any category. In fact it's hard to place it anywhere to begin with other than a shooter with some badass-ery moments.

The Good:
The graphics are really great and convey a sense of polished-ness or just a unique art style. Things glow and glimmer very nicely and though a lot of the levels repeat themselves, it's not always the same experience, visually speaking.
If you saw this game, you'd think the RAM and video card space would be pretty large. Couple that with actual gameplay and you'd think this thing could only run on a custom made tower built specifically for fast gameplay and great visuals. I was surprised to see it wasn't. The game actually runs on only 2 gigs of RAM. I won't go into the specifics of the video card or anything but let's just say I was playing at medium settings and the game ran almost perfectly. I hardly noticed any clipping or cutting, or even drop in frame rate. And this game needs to run fast or else you'll die, so the game is playable for most people I'm happy to say.
The music is spot on. I always felt like a samurai cutting through enemies when the sounds of hollow bamboo against wood with the subtle pounding of drums in the distance. It makes for tense and exciting combat.
Using weapons through the levels and killing enemies will level up your suit, melee weapon, main weapon and side arm. Why don't people do this more!? I love leveling up stuff! You can also add mods to your armor and as you level up, the amount of mods you can add increases. Adding mods costs nothing, however, combining two of the same mod to create an even more powerful mod costs a bit, but not too much. When mods are stronger, they have a certain 'cost' for armor and weapons. The best mods have a higher amount say about 5-6 to put on a mod. I have to decide if this is good, or to put a bunch of low leveled mods on it instead. As you level up, the number count for mods increases on your suit. This is a fantastic idea. Not only are two characters not alike, but they also add a bit of equations for me to crunch out, trying to make the best warrior I can. You don't have stats per say, but you can add things like shield capacity upgrade, shield recharge and stuff like that. I'll talk more about this down below.
Enemies are intelligent... for the most part. They take cover and often will do their best to flank you. Its nice to see intelligent enemies... but we'll also get to that part later. After that, enemies will alert your presence as well as lock doors behind you.

The Bad:
You know how in MMOs they curb the experience points gain system, fundamentally forcing you deal with it or pay through the nose to get a bit better? Ya, this is nothing like that. It's much worse. While your armor does level up, which is nice, you're constantly under powered. That's good... right? Enemies are almost as strong as you. As long as you take missions intelligently, you should have no problem dealing with them, the key word here being 'should'. Enemies are relentless at times. That's not a bad thing, but it becomes one. There was one mission where I had to fight a boss... and he wasn't that bad. He took a lot of hits and was relentless. The problem was I went through an entire shooting gallery to get there only to find I was almost completely out of ammo. And after the guy was dead, they still had a multitude of bad guys that took a lot of bullets to take down. Where the xp comes in is I have no idea. You have like a recruit level which is more of a reputation system. The higher you get, the more stuff that apparently becomes available to you. However, you still have to buy them in the end and it takes forever to get up to the next level. I've been playing since 3 today and I'm still only on the first level. To put it in perspective, I think there are only three levels. So, it must be an uphill climb really because if it's that little, you know they aren't just going to help you get there soon.
A lot of the weapons are for sale with regular credits. The problem is, credits don't just drop out of the sky. In fact, the lowest amount for guns is 15,000 and I just barely got up to that. I'm not saying lower the price, I'm saying maybe make more money drop every once and a while.
Your going to hit a wall very early on. See the tutorial they give you isn't bad, but it doesn't explain certain crucial things like rolling or even crouching which can save your life. I'm not even sure if there are any key bindings, I just had to find those two out on my own (double click shift = roll, Ctrl = crouch).

The Meh:
I do like the idea of not being forced to play with other people, as my connection is crap today. However, its pretty much implied you need others as I've said the game is pretty difficult. The sometimes endless shooting galleries should be best spent praying one of the enemies locks the door so you can kill the remaining people in the room to take a breather. Having a second person along would really help but as I've said, my connection is crap.
There's a lot of weapons you simply don't have. I chose the Loki 'class' because of the stealth, however, it comes down to disappointment when I can't have a bow and arrow first off. Sure I have my silent sword but I would like a stealth weapon to go along with my stealth character. You don't really have classes either, just suits with different abilities. To get more suits, you need to either buy some schematics (or find them) and craft them which will take at least half a day to finish, or buy them using "hey, these are our special coins you need to spend real money to get more" currency everyone uses. As far as I remember, you can't buy them with in game credits you find lying around. Then again, the credit drop is so awful that it probably wouldn't matter anyway.

This isn't a bad game. It's actually kind of fun, but there are some horrible things I just can't get over. This game is not for everyone, but if you enjoy a challenge then you'll find something to like here.

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