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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS Review - 9.4/10

Too often I hear about immersion in games. Whether it's that there's not enough of it or once and a while when one game just gets it right. This is one of those games that gets immersion down perfectly. I'll be doing this strickly from the stand point of a gamer. I personally never could get into either Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon games that much, despite knowing how well made they are.

The Good:
The game looks really nice. It's nice to see how portable games have taken steps to look nicer and sleeker. On a side note, this game looks really good in 3D. I didn't use it extensively, but it does look like the best 3DS game in 3D I've seen.
There's a level of immersion you won't find in certain games. The game runs on a set clock so when you go to bed and wake up in real life, your game will have progressed in time as well. Stores will only open at certain times as well as close at different times, forcing you to time what you do in game as well as out of game to get the fullest experience. Though if that's not for you, you can easily change the time to your liking.
There's a lot to do in this world. Aside from collecting (bugs, fruit that is different for other people, tools, fishes, home furnishings), you can also work towards the 'main' goal of being mayor. When you're completely finished with this, you'll have 100% approval rating with everyone. Most games tend to cut corners on this or force you to complete the goal. Animal Crossing is all about freedom in the space you have. For the first few days, I ignored my mayoral duties just so I could pick up trash and sell it to buy more tools or paying off my mortgage. You can also buy a variety of clothes that change each day. Sometimes you'll find rare clothes that are specific to Nintendo like Midna's Mask, three red shells, Metroid/Zelda/Mario stuff and so on. I really like the attention to detail and the devotion to the fans this shows.
You can pretty much choose anything. From where your house is built, to adding on to your house, to the placement of your furniture and even the town's layout.
The dialogue is refreshing and very aware of itself. In terms of finding out who you are, the game does a simple conversation to ask you who you are, what your gender is and what your town's name will be. I cannot express how refreshing it is to have almost complete control.
I really hate how conversations droll on at times so now holding the B button powers through conversations. This is especially useful when dealing with people like Ressetti and Nook. As I A) don't need to hear what they're saying because B) I've already heard it before.

The Meh:
The game does a lot of "I'm sure they understand how to do this". I unfortunately never got to customize my character's looks and even heard I could use my Mii as my character, which I never found out how to do. Maybe I'll find out later, but at this point it's too late to change. I did get my character randomized to look like me so it's not too much of a drag.

This is a game that is great for kids and adults alike. The level of detail and immersion is sometimes astounding and is well done. Pick it up if  you're a Nintendo fan or you just like Animal Crossing.

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