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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gunpoint PC Review - 9/10

"A clever stealth game that uses clever and smart solutions to your obstacles." There, just gave you a quote you can use for promoting the game.
This game... is really good and unique as well. I was following this for about a few months and I was immediately impressed with what I could see. The main feature of the game is the ability to rewire switches and hand pads so that you can use them against your enemies. Whether it's something violent like dropping them throw something, shocking them or something less violent like turning off the lights to either sneak around an enemy or sneak up behind them and stealthily take them out. It seems like the guy who made this game thought of just about everything.

The Good:
The graphics are nice... as nice as less than 64 bit graphics can be, but still, nothing to complain about. Since the graphical requirements are so low, just about every PC can play this game to it's fullest intent of fast paced stealth gameplay.
The conversations between other characters can be pretty funny at times. Not bawling but like a chuckle. It's nice to see a bit of thought put into dialogue. The only real options you'll find, so far as I've seen, to talk to others is in mission debriefings. You have a few choices and they don't really affect the gameplay as far as I've seen. I don't see it as a downside, I see it as an attention to what is the main point of the game. That being the gameplay itself.
Why don't people add the ability to upgrade your character more? There is an upgrade system and it's needed at times. Sometimes you'll need to purchase a new piece of equipment for a mission. Apart from that, after every mission you'll get a few points to put towards on of your main skills that is called Bullfrog. Bullfrog allows you to charge up and jump far. Bullfrog also allows you to jump on enemies and from there its your choice if you want to mercilessly beat them to death, or simply just knock them out. I had a bit of a laugh the first time I knocked out someone. I thought they'd wake up so I kept beating on them and a little box kept saying "Alright that's good" and then "Um... okay you can stop now". Upgrades are easily gotten from completing missions. Once you complete a mission, you get some money. You won't be able to buy everything immediately, rather the cooler yet not needed things take a bit more money to acquire.

The Bad:
Back to the upgrade system, there's not much here. Your skill points only go towards two things, all pertaining to the Bullfrog ability above: making it take less time to charge and how powerful said full charge will be. As far as I've come in the game (about 10 or so missions) there doesn't seem to be anymore things I can upgrade. Hopefully I'm wrong. I do so like to upgrade things.

It's really impressive what a single guy can do with time on his hands. Even for a team, this game would have still been impressive. This game was well made and I'd like to see the guy behind this do more things. It seems the game has been going well since it was released, so it's nice to see that good game design and hard work is rewarded.

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