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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

iPhone 5S/6 Fingerprint Scanner?

Samsung's newest innovations in the cell phone market has what has allowed them to be a direct competitor to Apple. With each new flagship device, Samsung makes the game more difficult to control with Apple having to keep up and add the same hardware and/or software.

Recently, Samsung gave Android users the ability to unlock their phones via their face which is much different than unlocking with a finger swipe. There have been Android apps that were capable of this already but Samsung nearly perfected it for their devices.

Apple now has to keep up by finding something similar to this. According to many recent news articles, Apple will be introducing fingerprint recognition to its next iPhone model. Whether that be the iPhone 5S or an iPhone 6, it is highly likely to have this feature.

While it seems like a really cool way to unlock your device and is certainly more accurate and secure than a face, it draws some valid concerns among consumers who worry about the probability that this could be used to track individuals who may want to remain anonymous especially when it comes to the various activities they engage in on their phone.

At this point, when it comes to a company like Apple, everything is pure speculation as the company will not necessarily confirm nor deny any rumors until they are fully ready to release the next model.

What do you think of this? Cool or scary or something else?

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