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Monday, September 30, 2013

Animal Rights' Group Wants to Sue Rockstar

I saw this online a few weeks ago and it was just too funny for me not to share. Click here to visit TMZ's website to read the full story.

Apparently, an animal rights' group takes issue with the newest Grand Theft Auto game because they have included the ability to kill animals. I find it ironic as they are just taking offense towards the series when the series has been wrapped around killing humans in various ways since its earliest release!

Grand Theft Auto V allows players to hunt various animals found throughout the fictional state of San Andreas. Players may stumble upon deer, coyotes, dogs both stray and tamed, and birds and kill any of them with any method the player desires.

The GTA games have always allowed killing and the campaign encourages it as you progress through the story and meet all sorts of unusual characters who pose a threat. Shooting any of these animals will help increase the player's stats in terms of shooting.

However, there seems to be no sort of actual missions or even secondary objectives that encourage or force the player to kill or injure any of these simulated animals.

The other piece of "animal cruelty" that the groups may take offense with is in one of the protagonists, Franklin Clinton, owning a dog named, Chop, who will fight alongside Franklin whenever Franklin is in danger or in combat.

The series has had its share of controversies ranging from random killings blamed on the game to people like these that blame entertainment for our society's problems.

The reality is that entertainment may play a role albeit very small due to these sort of problems occurring even before video games' existed.

Grand Theft Auto V sold over $1 billion copies in its first 3 days and yet not all of these customers, including myself, ever indulge or feel the need to kill animals just as we don't for humans based on a simulation.

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