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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Property Management Missions are Impossible

Grand Theft Auto V has done an extremely good job in many ways, but some ways, you really want to smack whoever came up with some of these missions.

BlackHood4, another author here at WIFLI, wrote a little bit about his experience in GTA V and some of the things that Rockstar got wrong. One of these things were the impossible Property Management missions.

GTA V borrowed a concept from its recent rival, Volution's Saints Row the Third, in that GTA now allows players to buy local businesses to generate revenue even when the player isn't doing anything. Rockstar included the ability to buy stores but made some of their own changes.

Some of these changes include that the money is not paid out every 15 minutes (real time) or so and that players are required "obligated" to do missions for these businesses.

For most people, this isn't a problem. In fact, they enjoy doing the side missions. For me, it was confusing.

When I bought my first business, the medical marijuana dispensary on Vespucci Beach, I was told that I would receive $9,300 every month for owning the business. What they didn't tell me or I failed to understand was that the missions that they ask you to complete are required to receive this monthly allowance. So I received my first payment on one day and then another day I received a text telling me that they needed me to complete some sort of task. I shrugged it off because I had more important things to do. Then I get a second text that goes somewhat like, "We have a lot of unhappy stoners here" or "I don't know what I'm going to tell all these people with fake prescriptions!" In other words, you screwed up by not doing the mission and you will not be receiving payment this month until you successfully complete another mission.

So I wake up one morning (in the game as Franklin) and I get a text telling me that some guys stole the weed van and they can't call the cops. In other words, they need me to go over there and chase these guys down and get the van back. I see the P on the map and hop on the bike to ride over there. When I get close to the area, the guys are in the van on the hill going up towards the dam. I follow as best as I can because the road is windy. Turns out that they get away without the game warning me about anything. The blue dot on my mini map disappears and then I get one of those texts telling me that I screwed up. I'm determined not to let this go so I restart from my save and try again. I asked BlackHood4 what is the best way to do a mission and he said it's best to get in a taxi and head up there or else you won't get there in time. So I try this method instead. When I get there, the taxi drops me off but the guys still get away because I don't have a car to catch them with. So I restart again and try to get the taxi to drop me off the bottom of the hill. I steal a car and race up the mountain when I get the text. The same thing happens where they disappear and I can no longer catch them. I restarted again and tried to get there before the mission even starts. I waited a day or two and then I realized that the game wouldn't start the mission until I'm out of the area. So when I move a little ways away, the mission starts. I don't have a car so they get away again.

This time when I restart the game, I get more clever and I have the taxi drive me to the spot and then I steal the taxi. Once I had the taxi, I drove up the hill, ahead of where the guys would be driving to. Now I get the text again and I head towards them. Instead of them running away from me, they drive towards me only to be hurled off the side of the cliff into the small stream below. For some reason, the game thought that I clicked the left thumbstick to take a taxi mission. Once this happened, the guys in the van were stopped and my taxi mission began and the game assumed that I didn't want to complete the weed mission. So I had to restart again. At this point, I'm very, extremely frustrated with the game. But I try one last time.

The same thing happens as before. Only this time, I let the taxi mission pass and then I let the chase begin. The guys drive towards me but escape around my stolen taxi. I turn around as quickly as possible and am able to catch up to them. I begin to shoot the driver and passenger and then they finally stop the van. I get out and almost get killed but am able to get the van back.

This is one of the flaws that has yet to be fixed about the game. After shooting the crooks who stole my van, the police are alerted and I'm in trouble with the law for who knows what reason. Now I have to evade the police while keeping the van intact without it being destroyed by police gunfire. I successfully do so and am able to bring the van back to its place which completes the mission.

Who designed this stupid mission in the first place? Did they not think that I would be coming from behind? Did they not put in measures to ensure that I could catch the van in time?

When we say that these property management missions are impossible, we are not lying one bit. This was the single most frustrating piece of the whole game. It didn't even need to be.

And I wonder. Why are these missions in place anyway other than giving the player more to do? If I own a business, I shouldn't be the one who does these missions in the first place. And if I don't do these missions, I bought this business so I am entitled to that monthly income regardless what somebody beneath me says. BlackHood4 came up with a great idea too. Instead of dropping the missions entirely, why not just give the player some sort of option to hire someone else to do the mission. Or, maybe instead of not receiving any payment, we'd receive a smaller payment since someone else had to do the mission.

I think it's great that Rockstar wanted to go above and beyond what its competitor did, but they really needed to do more testing than they did on this because it didn't work out. All of these property management missions have huge flaws in them. Like the one where you are required to get the van back to the shop in a certain amount of time. The game's timer doesn't stop if you happen to accidentally get the police involved by running over someone by mistake.

Next time, Rockstar, or next update, PLEASE fix these issues.

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