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Sunday, September 22, 2013

What We May See in Possible GTA V DLCs

It goes without saying that Grand Theft Auto V has certainly outdone itself. It was difficult to say that GTA IV was better than others like San Andreas but, I'm willing to bet, that 99% of the fanbase of the GTA series is head over heels for GTA V.

As most publishers do, especially Rockstar, with games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, we know that they will be making some sort of downloadable content (DLC) for the latest installment in the controversial Grand Theft Auto series. In some people's opinions, some of the DLCs turned out to be better than the original game. If Rockstar can pull that off for GTA V, we have one amazing release coming soon.

So what sort of stuff would we probably see in the new DLC? Considering what we saw in GTA IV and RDR's DLCs, probably no new sort of addition to the map. While most publishers add additional areas to a map like Bethesda has done for their The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, Rockstar doesn't seem to be as interested in doing such a thing.

Another reason why it is unlikely to see additional areas is that this game was big enough. This game was based on the San Andreas developed for GTA San Andreas but with some major tweaks. Most tweaks being that no cities that resemble Las Vegas or San Francisco have been added to the map. This is due to the game being as extensive as it has been. Since GTA SA, GTA has undergone some major changes in its gameplay. Most of these changes take up extra room on the disc and cannot allow for larger map sizes. It's why the Xbox 360 version is sold with two discs and one is required for downloading 8 GB of GTA game data to the Xbox HDD.

A third reason why we probably won't see additional areas is that it takes too much time to create these areas and DLCs are expected within the next 12 months after the game's initial release and no later. Rockstar probably does have the time and resources to build such DLCs, but it is unlikely considering their history.

However, it is possible that a new area could be underway. The only reason why I say this is that they could have created the additional areas beforehand but decided to release them at a later date. But DLCs are typically sold online over a download and many people don't have enough room as it is for the initial install of GTA. It is also unlikely because Rockstar likes to release Game of the Year editions that include all of the DLCs with the original game. In doing so, they wouldn't be able to do it as well for the Xbox 360 version with the discs. The PlayStation 3 version is doable due to the Blu-Ray technology. If an addition is created, Rockstar will find a way to release it.

Whatever the case may be, seeing a new addition to the map is highly unlikely for any DLCs so don't get your hopes up.

What is almost guaranteed is that we will see more additional playable characters. Just like GTA IV and RDR's DLCs, players were introduced to new single player characters to play with. Who these people are will generally be someone who was included in the storyline of GTA V at some point just as it was for the other two games.

I would venture to say that we may see a playable female character for the first time in Grand Theft Auto history. Never has there been a female character mostly due to the fact that GTA's largest fanbase has consisted of mostly males. However, more and more females are picking up the controller as time goes on. Rockstar may want to switch things up by trying to play around with something new.

What is 99% guaranteed is that we will see new vehicles and new weapons added to the game as we did for the previous series. These could be any sort of new vehicles or weapons. In GTA IV's DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, we saw lots of new weapons and new vehicles including a new helicopter. Might we see something similar to this? Quite possibly depending on how Rockstar feels about the release and the reception they've received.

It is a given that DLCs are underway as Rockstar seems to be into it as much as other publishers are. What the DLCs include is in the air as of now. We may begin to see more announcements soon about the DLCs as well as hints as to what they'll include in the upcoming months. I imagine that rumors will start in the new month and a half.

What do you think the DLCs will include? What kinds of things do you hope they include?

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