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Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Have A Successful Blog

Lately, it seems that more and more people want to establish themselves online. Many people are realizing how great it is to have an online blog to share their personal feelings and for some it's also to earn some money. But the key to it is to have a successful blog.

By the looks of this blog, we are not very popular, but that's because us as authors don't put enough money and time into our blog as we ought to. Also, we don't mind the smallness of the blog as it is. But if you keep the tips below in mind, you will find lots of success with less effort than if you went at it alone.

1. Pick a topic. Find a topic or genre to discuss.

2. Do not make your blog random or allow the posts to be irrelevant to one another. In doing so, you eliminate the chances of creating followers who check your blog each day to see what new entry you post. For example, you shouldn't create a blog post one day about fixing cars and the next entry be about how porn is tearing apart this country. Allowing your blog to be random is nice if you want to create it for diary purposes or just to get a few quick views, but if you want to be successful, I would definitely not recommend writing random posts.

3. Pick a topic that is popular. Also, make sure that it is not trendy as in for the moment. Make sure that your blog doesn't surround something that's temporary such as a popstar like Justin Bieber. Unfortunately, he is most likely going to be a fad. Of course, you have the potential to have success for a while, but in due time, when his fame runs out, your viewers will be less and less. Rarely can this be successful for a long run for a few such as if you are discussing someone as popular as Michael Jackson who may be popular for many years even after death.

4. Pick a topic that you are familiar or want to be familiar with. If you enjoy video games, focus on that area. However, just because makeup is popular, that doesn't mean that you should focus your blog on it if you never wear makeup. For me, as a guy who doesn't wear makeup, I would not be able to discuss the important pieces of makeup as well as a woman who wears it could. If you do not play video games but maybe you'd like to start, this is fine. Just be sure that it is something that you will be interested in for many years to ensure that your success is not temporary. Video games are a good area because they are played by many genders, ages, nationalities, etc. The chances of it dying out as a fad or someone growing out of it are little to none.

5. Make the best effort to keep your word at all costs. If you say that you will return to finish a blog entry, make sure that you finish. Your readers will not find you to be reliable if you do not keep your word such as if you did a review in 2009 and never updated it as you had promised. Also, if your blog is to have a new post every Thursday, make sure that you update it every Thursday even if it is to just say that you can't update it for the day.

6. Do research. If your blog focuses on makeup, make sure that you do more than just wear the makeup. If your blog focuses on video games, make sure you do more than play video games. Get online or visit stores for news. News articles on topics can help you make fillers. Rather than your blog focusing on reviews, you can also discuss new innovations and inventions in your specific area.

7. Make sure your information is from credible sources. And if your information is hearsay, make sure to cite where you got it from to ensure that you are not the one who will be blamed for giving false information. Better yet, make sure your information comes from a good source like a trusted news agency or from a trusted website that has been around for years and is visited by lots of people such as CNET.

8. Try not to focus on one specific area. For example, do not focus only on Mario video games. While there are many Mario games within the franchise, you eliminate many potential readers. However, if this is the area that you choose because you are passionate about it, you do have the potential of not becoming popular among many but among a few and these few will be more likely to be die-hard fans of yours. For me on WIFLI, I try to focus on technology in all areas possible which has helped me receive lots of readers. However, as I said in point #2, it has become a problem as I do not have many readers who come here for WIFLI but for one specific post. For example, I receive readers for one specific post because that's what they're interested in. The rest of my blog doesn't appear to be appealing to their specific taste.

9. Decide whether you want to be commentary or an unbiased source for news. You can have both but it is reserved for more respected and established blogs than it is for others. For beginners, it is more difficult to do as it confuses new readers to determine which posts are your personal opinion and which are unbiased fact. If you do go this route, make sure that you have a way of clearly differentiating between the two on your site such as having two separate areas that are clearly marked as being commentary and another strictly for news.

10. Choose your design wisely. Make your blog, aesthetically, appealing to readers. Refrain from colors or designs that may offend or detract others from wanting to view your blog. Avoid from using images that may offend any reader, including readers that you may disagree with. Remember, if you want to be popular, this means setting aside your personal opinions to gain the attention of others including those you may disagree with in other areas. If you are a Republican, avoid using images and words that may offend Democrats and vice-versa.

11. Avoid from using profanity and other derogatory words if you can. Quotes that include profanity are not as dangerous as if you, the author, use words frowned upon in the workplace. You must remember, as I said before in point #9 that your viewers will share different views than you do. There are still very many people in the world who do not use profanity and may be offended when reading your blog.

This brings me to a point #11 1/2. Treat your blog as you would your workplace. If you worked as a bank teller or at a drive-thru for a fast food restaurant, would you use extreme profanity when guests arrive? You probably wouldn't if you wanted to keep your job.

Anything that goes against common sense for the workplace are the same ethics you ought to use for your blog.

12. Know your fanbase. Part of having a successful beginning is being like those you write for. If you have no connection at all to your readers, then you are less likely to succeed.

13. Utilize social media. A great way to share your blog is through social media. Using outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others can be beneficial to you as it helps generate new readers with very little work on your part. Using social media isn't necessarily creating your own fan pages either. You can use these to your benefit through just sharing posts with your friends and family that follow your posts on these networks. Your best way to start off is to have your friends and family supporting you. In doing so, they tell their friends and family who tell theirs and so on and so forth. You can share pictures of your blog, funny posts, posts in general, and more with friends and family for them to check out.

14. Use more than text. For a tutorial, such as this, text isn't always appealing to readers. You must do more to reach out. Google and other search engines use more than text searches. They also have picture and video searches too. Be sure to include as many pictures and videos as you possibly can to increase readership. This will not only help when readers search for pictures and videos but also it becomes more engaging for the reader. Reading text for hours upon hours can be boring and tiring for anyone as you may have noticed from reading this entry of mine.

15. Have fun and enjoy yourself. If you don't enjoy what you write, you will not be successful. That positive energy that you emit, channels through your writing to your readers. If you don't like what you write, the chances of others liking it too are very slim.

I'm not saying that if you follow all of these tips that you will have a multi-billion dollar company by the end of the year nor am I saying that success if guaranteed. But, these are some valuable tips that I've found while blogging these past couple of years. I've seen steady increases as I've made these changes.

So let me know how they work out for you. And if you have any tips or things that you'd like to add, feel free to do so in the comments below. Also, don't feel shy; you have my permission to share your blog on this post to help gain some new readers.

Good luck!

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