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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My GTA Online Experience

Okay so... wow. This is... wow.
GTA V is a really great game and I have little to no (major) problems with it. I haven't been an MMO player for some time but I know that always online games will screw up indefinitely at least once for everyone. I did not expect this to screw up for everyone... all the time. I actually waited anticipating this would happen (that and I was broke and without a LIVE account but I digress!) so I waited until today to actually play it. Where to start? Well, immediately I was kicked out "By other players" apparently. When the game did finally get working my screen was constantly barraged with help hints and the like... which I can deal with. I've never been a fan of online shooters, mostly because everyone else is better than me and kills me quite easily and quickly so I stayed away from the team death match and generally anything dealing with other players.
The point where it all went to shit was when this random guy ran at me so I killed him thinking, "Hey, kill or be killed." My car was then (somehow) smashed up by this SUV and flipped over (spawned like that). After that, every single player, car, civilian and even cop was gone from the world. The only thing left was the store clerks but they wouldn't hand out their money.
Things that work? My character worked fine for the most part. Apart from massive texture pop ins at the beginning, the game works fine. While I was playing other players seemed sluggish and cutting like most MMOs so that was pretty normal. All in all, when the game's major bugs are ironed out, it will be fairly playable. That is also considering you have a decent internet connection too.
Tips on how to make the best of it? Play alone. Most of the problems occurred when others were near. And major problems via gameplay wise, not personal feelings or whatever. Hold up liquor stores to get cash and run away from the cops successfully. This will get you money (robbing) and experience (evasion of police). Killing gang members also gets you experience. I found one of the missions working on repo-ing was in a Ballas territory, so I just replayed it a few times and came out with a nice bit of cash, xp and an Uzi.
The character creation is just... well its stupid. Let's be honest with ourselves, I don't think I've ever played a game with so little options. But then again, I really don't care. I've been fine with each GTA character not looking like me, so even though I'm a black guy I wasn't mad my character turned out looking Latino.
My last advice is when the game crashes, immediately get out (like save and close online). Rockstar seems to be doing their best to get the game to a working condition. The best thing you can do is let them do their jobs. Not saying you shouldn't play it, rather saying the best thing to do is make sure you're not interfering with their work. This will give you ample time to try and reach that oh-so coveted 100% rating you may not have gotten in single player yet. Also don't kill other players. Its kind of a dick move and all.

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