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Monday, October 21, 2013

RE: List of Fake iOS 7 Jailbreak Scammers

Some of you may or may not have noticed, but I recently posted a blog entry regarding websites that I felt, based on many assumptions, were involved in sharing fake jailbreaks to vulnerable users.

A user disagreed with my decision to include one of the websites in the list, presumably because it was his/hers. The user said that they would file a DMCA complaint against us if I did not remove the specified website from my entry. I feel that I have not violated any laws but I agreed because they had requested that I remove the name and that is a policy of ours that I will uphold.

Personally, I did feel as though that specific website was sharing incorrect information but I agreed to remove it because he/she requested it. But then I thought of something before I went to edit the blog post. Rather than doing that, I removed the post entirely.

Truthfully, I shared the websites and Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts because I felt that they were sharing information about jailbreaks that were unreasonable. Many of these sites (not his/hers, in particular) have had complaints made against them for false statements and unproven jailbreaks.

I think that it is highly unfair that websites are able to share false information with users but I suppose that I should have personally experienced it for myself before sharing information based on assumptions with everyone. I simply wanted to help clear the air with everyone but I have decided that I'll simply create a post to help you as you go through the various links on Google or whatever search engine you use without explicitly naming anyone.

I apologize to anyone who was included in the list and felt they didn't deserve to be there. Some of the links were added because they shared information about jailbreaks that I felt were not valid especially when they came from teams that seemed fraudulent.

This is bound to happen in the business that I am in. People will have issues when I list them in a group that is responsible for causing harm to a specific community. Some of these people will have genuine complaints because they really are not involved and others are simply lying to cover their true intentions. Either way, I'll put forth my best effort to only list names when I have concrete information about an issue.

I won't stop exposing what I believe to be false information but I will make sure that the information that I share is absolute and not based on assumptions.

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