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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith PC Review - 9/10

The Wolf Among Us is basically a comic book that was turned into a game. The comic called "Fables" focuses on the fairy tales we all grew up with or are familiar with and throws them into our world. They are forced to conceal their identities to blend in with humanity which offers up some unique looking artwork and story telling. I haven't actually read the comics but they seem interesting enough to garner my attention. TellTale games takes this and turns it into a game not unlike their critically acclaimed game "The Walking Dead".

The Good:
I've said it once and I'll say it again: amazing graphics are boring. If you give a unique look you both make the game easier to play (performance wise) while giving a unique look to it. It has the same graphic style as The Walking Dead (cell shading I believe) and it fits perfectly considering this is adapted from a comic book series.
The voice acting is superb and this comes from a guy who doesn't normally talk about voice acting unless its bad. Every character sounds spot on and fits what I would think based on appearances would they sound like.
The character models look fantastic (yes I am saying that seriously). Its weird that I find it oddly nice that every human as well as inhuman character looks how their species would move should they exist. Add that to fantastic voice casting and you've got immersion on a deep level.
I do like the detective aspect. In The Walking Dead, it felt off to me. Why did I have to move my mouse/cursor over just to pick something up instead of walking over to it and pressing 'action'? Here it shines nicely. Picking up items as well as talking to people works very well. Since I was using a controller, I had about four options max when hovering over something. Objects usually have a pick up and examine button (Y and A), while talking has a few (X for talking, Action for perhaps touching). After a few minutes, I stopped seeing buttons and rather recognized the symbol for what I wanted and liked the added bonus they were colored like my buttons so it was easy to recognize when I didn't have time to look and see what the button did.
Most problems people have when adapting something is whether or not to include something. Things like back story, setting or even the characters all work differently in books, as well as comics, because they can do that at their leisure. Other times its adding too much is a problem. Seeing as how a great deal of fans from the original work will probably come in, the little tid bits may just be a boring droll to them. Here, its played out by ear. Its never fully put forth that these are fairy tales immediately off but brings about the knowledge of the world through a non contrived conversation, making it easy for people to get it early off to not alienate the newbies, while still catering to the veterans who already know this stuff and to avoid a cut scene or needless chatter they already know. Its strange that some people don't get this and understandable when other simply can't do it right. For me, I think its perfect here.

The Bad:
This is more of a personal thing for me. I really don't like getting a fifth of a game. I'd like to be able to play it at my leisure. Its not horrible, but I'm a pretty impatient guy so I can't really wait for things.

We won't know the full scope of how good this game is. Since this is one out of five episodes, the whole must be looked at. Whether or not your decisions carried over properly or even in coherent or interesting ways, whether or not the next episodes are worth your time. Personally, by what I've seen here, they are definitely worth my time and I'll enjoy the settings, characters and unique style it puts forth.

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