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Monday, October 28, 2013

Tips on What's A Fake iOS Jailbreak

Due to some becoming angered that I called out their scam on my blog, I am unable to use real names and speak the truth about which jailbreak "news" websites are fake and spreading false information that takes advantage of users that want to jailbreak their iPhone. Feel free to thank those people for degrading the usefulness of this blog for you.

What I can tell you is how to use assumption based on keywords about what are fake releases and which are real. I can name the websites that supply legitimate information and can be trusted unless they have a problem with what I post.

First tip: only trust trusted news sources. Trusted news sources can include valid Mac/iOS forums such as Macrumors or real developers that have provided the community with proven jailbreaks like that of the Evad3rs Team. The software used to do the most recent public jailbreak was done using evasi0n. You can find out more information from their official website here. Also, you can find their relevant Twitter and other social media links there which are 100% legitimate. I can tell you that there are other websites out there working under the Evad3rs and evasi0n name and most of them are frauds.

To determine which are the true developers, you can tell by the news information posted by them as well as how they operate. Public jailbreak releases are always 100% free with no surveys or any money asked for. Jailbreak developers develop exploits based on donations or simply for free and release their final releases to the public. Reputable sources will share relevant release information about these releases.

Jailbreak teams release more information than just information about their next release. They typically visit conventions and talk about advancements and what Apple is up to. The fake scammers do not typically share this information. They are more focused on releasing fake news and/or fake jailbreak software.

The news articles can be a bit tricky to determine whether or not they are fake. When multiple reputable websites share news about a jailbreak, the news is most likely true. However, don't take the word of just one source even if it's as reputable as the 24 hour news channel.

Be careful of blogs, even mine. It's easy to hack into accounts and share fake information with the public.

We at WIFLI are keeping a close eye on the jailbreaking scene and doing our best to prepare to share the news when it becomes available. However, as I said, don't take one source's word for it either, not even ours. Check multiple sources before trying a jailbreak.

Fake jailbreaks pose several risks to users. Risks can include harming you financially, stealing your valuable time, and possibly destroying your devices. Most of these scammers are more interested in sharing fake information to steal money from you and have no software at all. However, some release malicious software that can destroy your computer and/or iOS device. So, please, do be careful.

Jailbreaking is great and unlocks the true potential of iOS devices but it's easy to be tricked into scams.

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