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Saturday, November 16, 2013

7 Reasons Why I Will Not Get the PS4 or Xbox One...Yet

As I may or may not have already mentioned, I have not planned to buy the PlayStation 4 or even the Xbox One right at this second. I plan to sometime in early Spring 2014 for a few reasons.

Typically, online blogs and news sources get the latest consoles and tell their audience, "We buy it and test it so you don't have to!" Unfortunately, let me be blunt with you. I'm a simple guy who's living off of a simple wage and this is something I do in my freetime. I may have ads on this blog but I'm not being paid very much or even enough that could cover those expenses.

Below, I would like to list many of the reasons why I'm not first in line to get one of the next gen consoles at this present time:

1. They are very expensive. Buying both just isn't in my budget at this time, let alone just buying one.

2. For the average consumer, it's best to wait.

I bought the PlayStation Vita within a few months of its initial US release date. I also bought a PS3 when it was very young as well. Both were disappointments at launch as I was stuck with expensive systems with nothing to play. No games were available at launch besides a few and those few lasted me only a short while until they became boring. Then I got to a point where I was waiting for new releases and Googling to see if they were going to be released soon.

It seems best to just wait a few months then get the system, buy a game or two, play those, then get some more as you grow tired of the other titles.

3. New releases always have bugs. Whether it be software or hardware, new technology almost always has bugs. Sometimes these bugs are things you don't really have to worry about and other times the bugs are overwhelming enough that you can't even enjoy your product until a fix is released.

This was the case for the Xbox 360 and games such as Fallout 3, New Vegas, and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. All of these were highly popular and anticipated. Gamers don't want to see a bunch of delays so companies think that it's fine to just release buggy software/hardware then fix the problem later. Most problems seem to be in software so it wouldn't be as difficult, but still; it's annoying to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a system and not be able to use it when it is first released.

4. You never know who's going to come out on top.

For the average consumer, they typically only buy one console at a time or keep one for many years. It's rare for someone to buy both a PS4 and Xbox One at the same time.

Waiting is best as you get to see a bigger picture of which one is used more.

The PlayStation 2 was a highly successful console, much more than that of the Xbox. More of your friends were likely to have a PS2 than an Xbox. Back then, it wasn't as much of a problem unless you were visiting a friend's house, then you wouldn't be able to play your games on their system. Nowadays, it's a problem as you won't be able to play online games with your friend if you two don't have the same system.

The Xbox 360 actually became a more popular system among gamers than the PS3 was. Many of the people I played with had Xboxes than they had PS3. I have very few friends that are on PS3 and are actually active there.

This time is a bit different as the PS4 was released first and the Xbox One has received a ton of negative feedback from gamers. It's possible that people could go to the Xbox One simply because they already have Xbox games but it's also possible that the PS4 could be the popular system because it was released first and has gained more favor.

5. It's best to see if any of the systems will even make it.

When looking back on the history of video gaming, we see lots of consoles that gained lots of publicity in the beginning but fell off very quickly and are now named as some of the worst consoles ever released. And none of these systems were cheap much like it is today. Can you imagine spending over $700 on a console only to later realize that publishers gave up on it and refuse to make anymore games for it? Not me. I'm playing it safe.

6. Wait to see what system is most hacker friendly.

While Microsoft nor Sony are friendly towards hackers, one of the systems may be more vulnerable than the other. To me, it seemed as though the PS3 was much easier to hack at home than an Xbox was but this may be a different story this time around.

7. Long lines and the risk of owning one.

There's a risk of buying brand new equipment. Many people were assaulted, some even killed, when the PS3 originally launched. For me, it seems to best to avoid all of that and get the console when the market dies down a bit.

This is not to say that I will never own any of these consoles nor are they interesting, but that I want to wait and make the best possible choice.

If you did happen to buy the PS4, what's your take on it? And when that time comes, how is the Xbox One?

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