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Monday, November 4, 2013

[How To] Custom Google Search Engine Blocklist

Is there a particular website that continues to pop up when you search for something on Google? Are you a liberal who hates the sight of Fox News? Are you a conservative who hates the sight of Huffington Post or MSNBC? Well fear no more, now you can search Google without having to see any of your unwanted websites pop in the search results!

What you will need is Google Chrome that can use plug-ins and you'll need to be using the Google search engine. I use Bing mostly, but I happened to find this for Google and it does work!

Once you've opened Google Chrome, go to this link ==>

Click the green button near the top to "Add to Chrome".

After that, you should see a few boxes and a button at the bottom that says "Save". Input your undesired website addresses into the boxes. Don't worry if it changes them a little, the extension knows what it's doing. (If you want to block a particular Facebook profile or Blogger blog that contains something like, Blacklist will block the entire Blogger or Facebook website from Google search results. Blacklist will not be able to block a particular profile for you unless it is a specific URL.)

Once you've added all of your unwanted websites, click save. There should be something indicating that it saved.

Finally, go to Google and try searching for any of these websites that you inputted. If the websites don't pop up anymore, you've successfully blocked them from your Google search results!

If you want to remove one of these websites, simply go back to that page which can be found here ==> chrome-extension://jiicbcimbjppjbckmoknagndlhjbeohb/options.html (Can be found by going to the right hand corner of your Google Chrome browser, clicking those 3 lines, then going to Settings, then click on Extensions in the top left hand corner. From here, you should see all of your extensions; for Blacklist, click options to be taken to the page for editing websites.) Once here, hover your cursor beside one of the lines until you see a red X appear off to the right hand side. Click that to remove that website from your blocked page. Now click save and you should be good to go.

Remember, again, that this method above only works for Google Chrome and the Google search engine. I am sure that one exists for Firefox and a few other browsers although I am doubtful of one for Internet Explorer. I am sure that one also exists for other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!. Search your favorite search engine if you want to find a plug-in or extension that will work for any of your desired browsers or search engines.

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