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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First-Look at Moga Ace Power Controller for iPhone 5+

Expect a review sometime soon about the new handheld gaming controller, the Moga Ace Power Controller from me. I just ordered mine today and the shipping is estimated to come within 2 business days (sometime before next Tuesday).

Check out the neat design in the pictures below. (Taken directly from Moga's website which is located here.)

I was reading some articles from a peer tech-website on my Twitter feed and happened to come across this neat little attachment for the iPhone 5 (also available for the iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C; not compatible with iPhone 4 and below or any iPad models due to design) when I entered in my credit card information to order it and my cousin walked in and I asked him about it. He said that a lot of sites were giving it subpar reviews due to some things like its weak feel.

I decided that I'd buy it anyway as it's listing price is only $99 and would get a chance to upload a new review for you guys.

I read a few reviews and it didn't do so well. CNET was just one of many who gave it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The biggest gripe amongst reviews was in its poor choice of plastic material. Apparently it feels really cheap and not just in the plastic feel but also the charging port.

What makes this controller, adapter so unique is its layout and function.

More and more, people are ditching their flat controller adapters for ones that are more bulky. Developers have decided to compete, head to head, with the big boys of gaming like Xbox and PlayStation. You can see the huge differences between the PSP and PS Vita in that the PSP was more flat but the PS Vita is aimed at making handheld gaming more like that of a home console's controller with actual grips and buttons that stick out. This makes gaming, especially 3D gaming, much more enjoyable. This is perfect for First-Person-Shooters like Modern Combat and 3D racing games like Asphalt. We'll see how great the compatibility is once it gets here, though. There is also another difference in that this one carries an external battery pack and plugs directly into the phone.

Other adapters, like my secondary case used for an external keyboard, rely on Bluetooth which can be a huge battery drainer. This is terrible not just because your phone is a multi-purpose device used also for communication, but also because you want to be able to play games for hours and not just put them down after 5 minutes of play. This adapter boasts a battery compartment that will charge your iPhone while you play. Much better because I hate turning on Bluetooth and I hate waiting for it to connect. Now I won't have to do that with this design.

It sounds like a really good controller all the way around, but I can't until it actually comes and I get to use it to its full potential. At that point, I will be able to tell you guys much more about it and what it can do.

What do you guys think of it? Do any of you already have it? How is Moga as a company? This looks like their first iOS device but I see that they have some other Android controllers.

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