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Monday, November 11, 2013

iPad Mini Retina Release Date & Possible iOS 7 Jailbreak Release?

According to many websites like the Wall Street Journal, MacRumors obtained a message that allegedly came directly from Apple stating that the iPad Mini Retina display would be released on November 12, 2013 which so happens to be tomorrow for my time zone.

What was puzzling for many people was that this announcement was made the day of November 12 for many retailers so they were shocked to see this announcement so early and without warning.

I immediately went to Apple's website to see what they had to say on the iPad's release. At that time, said that the iPad Mini Retina was scheduled to be released in "late November". Later in the day, I checked again to see more reputable news sources reporting on this same story.

I checked Apple's website once again tonight and the same page for the iPad Mini with Retina display has this GIF image.

It seems that Apple is preparing to announce the release of this new iPad very soon just by seeing this image.

That brings me to the iOS 7 jailbreak release. I predict that we will see a release very soon, before the second week of December at most, seeing that iOS 7 has been released and all of the current devices are (will be) released now. The new iPhone 5S and 5C, the iPad Air, and the iPad Mini Retina are all released now. To make it easiest on everyone and make sure everyone is included, the iOS jailbreaking team(s) can now release a jailbreak to help everyone who wants it.

If the iPad Mini Retina is released tomorrow, November 12, 2013, as reported, expect an iOS 7 jailbreak very soon.

The evad3rs team has been giving us hints as to where they are in terms of a release, and it seems that they are extremely close to releasing a jailbreak. I say this as we can see they are very confident that Apple didn't close the exploit in iOS 7.0.3 which seems to indicate it's ready very soon.

I think we will have to wait just a few days after the iPad Mini Retina's release for the developers to be sure that the jailbreak works across all devices as well as probably one more iOS update whether that be 7.0.4 or 7.1. Some are speculating that we may have to wait for 7.1 but I think we may see it before then if that is not the next release. Seeing that iOS has not seen many problems, we may see 7.1 as the next release. However, if the iPad Mini Retina or another device has a major flaw, we may see a minor update before 7.1.

Will I be right in my prediction? I think so and I hope so. I've been waiting for this for a while and want it to come very soon.

Stay tuned, everyone. We'll be notifying you guys as soon as we get the official word and we see that the jailbreak works.

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