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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is Humble Bundle A Scam?

Short answer: no.

The official Humble Bundle currently located at is not a scam in that they do not pretend to offer an unbelievable deal and run with your money. I've made a few purchases with Humble Bundle and have zero complaints with the website.

Their Steam and Origin codes were 100% legitimate and I received the games they promised that I would receive for the amount of money that I paid.

Humble Bundle is an excellent way to get some great games (usually Indies) for a great price while helping out charities. Best of all, you can choose which charities receive how much money you'd like them to receive. I know for some people like my parents, it would be a great deal. My dad has never been a fan of the Red Cross so if and when given the option to donate money, he could simply tell Humble Bundle to not give any of his money to them and distribute it to the rest of the charities and names listed.

The deals that you currently see on Humble Bundle are for a limited time only so do not wait for another day. The deals typically last for a week and a new HB pack will be introduced.

HB packs typically consist of Indie titles, meaning ones not produced by large video game corporations. However, there have been a few that did involve large title names such as one that gave a bunch of EA titles like Battlefield 3, Dead Space 1 and 3, and other titles. HB also gives out games for Android. As far as I know, they do not do any games for iOS devices. The reason is because HB games are DRM free and Android allows DRM free content while iOS does not.

Humble Bundle works with developers to use their games as a way of getting money raised for charity. It helps developers by putting their name out there. The costs are typically split between Humble Bundle (for server costs), the developers of the games, and various charities. Humble Bundle also helps contributors by posting their name on a top board. Contributors who contribute above and beyond what is typically given are listed on a board. This helps as many websites and individuals are allowed to share their Twitter and website names on this board.

I've noticed that quite a bit of people have asked if Humble Bundle is a scam. To my knowledge of the service and my dealings, I have not experienced nor witnessed any wrongdoings by the organization. They appear to be fair and conduct business as they say they do.


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    1. Thank you, Lara. Your other comment offered some good tips on how to determine a scam-free website too.


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