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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why Jailbreak?

I recently read an online article which seemed to question the thousands of us who still long for a jailbreak for our iOS devices. The author was half true in that jailbreaking was more frequent in previous versions such as iOS 3 where users weren't able to do simple things like WiFi toggle, change a background, and other previous versions couldn't even do copy-and-paste unless you were jailbroken. Over the years, most of these features were added into official updates for the iOS.

So why would any of us want jailbreak status if we get most of what we want?

Apple is still a hard company to persuade. Apple is determined to push out the best when it is best (best meaning little to no bugs). It's the reason why things take so long to be released from the company. They work on it until it is perfected to the point where complete noobs can use it with little to no problems.

From what I've seen, the vast majority of iPhone users are completely technologically ignorant. Many of them choose the iPhone over Android because it's simpler and near perfected. I chose it for this reason but to also have some of my favorite add-ons from jailbreaking.

iOS 6 was very competitive in that it offered many of the things that Android offers. There's very little that it doesn't do that Android does. But there were still things that many of us want.

For example, I enjoyed jailbreak status for my iPad Mini because I liked having an actual moving background. iOS 7's new background is nice but I want something more like Android that's like an actual video playing in the background. Apple hasn't released anything like this officially because it poses many risks such as heavy battery usage and unlikely shut-downs. I was willing to take the risk because I know how to handle the risks.

Other reasons include limiting Apple's influence over my device that I paid for.

Out of the two, which do you prefer? If you had the choice, would you choose to use Apple Maps or Google Maps? I always choose Google Maps if I have the choice. The same goes for Safari versus Google Chrome (although, I'm in a minority on this one for iPhone users).

When asking Siri a question such as "Directions to Statue of Liberty" or "Google Statue of Liberty", your results will take you to Apple Maps and Apple's web browser, Safari.

In Android, I was always given a choice as to which one I wanted to use. There was one jailbreak add-on that removed this "default" feature so that users could choose what they wanted to use. As such, I chose everything to be opened, by default, in Google Chrome over Safari.

Then there were other add-ons like Adblock.

I pay $8 a month for Hulu and Netflix. Hulu forces ads into my viewing experience that I'd much rather do without. On my computer, Google Chrome has add-ons like Adblock Plus that can and have blocked these annoying ads for me. While it's nothing but a blank screen for 30 seconds, it's much more enjoyable than sitting through the same damn commercial again and again. For my iPhone and iPad, there was no such option until I found it in Cydia. It cost me 99 cents, if I remember correctly, but it did the trick and eliminated those pesky ads.

Then there are other additions like iFile that I really like having so that I can view every file on my iOS system.

There's a whole lot of good that jailbreaking can do for you.

What is jailbreaking? In a sense, it is giving your device, what is known as, "root status" or in other words, "administrative privileges" much like on your Windows computer. You, as the user, have complete control over what your device does. Apple has no say in what happens other than a few things that you absolutely must have.

Even if I don't use the apps on Cydia, I enjoy having my device be my device. I like the idea of being in control especially when things go sour. I don't like having to depend on the "Geniuses" at the Apple Stores if something goes wrong especially considering that I have to make day-in-advance appointments when I need my iPhone right that second.

For you guys, does it seem like jailbreaking is still something that we need? Is it something that you, personally, want? What good have you seen come out of jailbreaking?

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