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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Backup Often

It's true for any device or electronic, but make sure to backup often.

With the recent jailbreak release for iOS 7 devices, there hasn't been a whole lot of compatibility for those of us who upgraded and are now jailbroken. Take my advice and be careful what you download from Cydia and make sure to have an iTunes backup handy in case anything goes wrong.

My phone got stuck tonight after downloading an incompatible app and refused to let me open Cydia, run my phone normally, and even jacked up some other stuff. I won't blame the developers as it's not their fault; if anything, it's mine for not being more careful.

Luckily, I have a recent backup to use and was able to get the iPhone in recovery mode. (To do so, hold down the power + home button until the Apple logo appears then let go of the power while still holding the home to enter recovery.)

To be careful, only install apps and tweaks that you are 100% sure are compatible with both your version of iOS and your device (whether it be an iPhone 5 or 5S, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). Only use sources that you are sure are reliable and safe. Ones that contain illegal and/or questionable content usually pose a higher risk of containing apps and tweaks that can harm your iDevice.

For us brand new iOS 7 jailbreakers, we should be cautious about apps (more so about tweaks) that drastically affect the system. iOS 7 is a brand new OS that contains new changes and additions never before seen. Therefore, while it may have been safer before, it's not as safe now as some of the system files may have been moved. An app may try to contact one file location and run into issues and then completely freeze up like it did for me tonight.

Installing apps like a Flashlight don't pose as much of a risk as much as something that changes how you unlock and lock the phone can. Be mindful when downloading and running these programs.

For brand new beginners who are not familiar with jailbreaks: it's best if you give the community a few days or even weeks to settle in with iOS 7. Until then, keep your jailbreak status, do not update if any new updates come (unless the community says that they are compatible with jailbreak), and wait patiently for news on what's compatible and what's not.

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