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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blade Symphony - PC Quick Look

Hey! Merry (almost) Christmas... unless I screwed up in editing. Well I thought I should treat myself to a game after a long day of shopping with a Christmas present of my own. Seeing as how the Steam sale is going on right now, what a better present than a game significantly marked off. I saw this game and it looked really really good. And since I saw it was a sword fighting game well... I just couldn't help myself. This won't be an official review since the game is still being made (or at least it looks like that from its Steam page). So I can't be overly harsh or praising of this for now.

The Good:
This game looks really good. I mean like reaaaally good. Like triple A game good. Suffice it to say you won't realize the full scope unless you check it out.
Weirdly enough, this game is a sword fighting game. But the perspective isn't from a classic 2D or even 2.5D stand point. Its actually third person. Like in the Batman Arkham games. This is pretty good and unique seeing as how most fighting games go for the latter. Its an interesting perspective I'll talk about a little later. What makes this shine is how you and your opponent have different fighting styles from which you can choose from on the fly and seeing their different styles can help you counter them. Simple things like grabs and blocks also are in this so I'm kind of excited to see how they'll play out in a real combat situation. The styles vary from the simple light, medium and strong which all play out differently for the four different characters they have. Each character has their own unique style for the stance and moves differently than the others. The different weapons you are given also do have different styles, however, all I've found was about two: parrying and blocking. Apparently they have different damages as well, but the details are kind of taxing to read in the sense that its a jumble of letters. Still, I can see a few things easily. Basically its just a change between two like before.

The Bad:
As far as I've seen, all this game has is a simple tutorial and online fighting mode. While decent, this goes to bad considering I can't find a single person online to fight with. I tried fighting a bot but for some reason it just wouldn't work. Might be doing something wrong. I'll try to work it out later.
There's not a lot of explanation... like little to none at all. I need these things called notes to unlock new masks for my characters and more weapons but it doesn't say how to get them. I presume fighting matches... but as I've said before, no one seems to be online and I can't get to fight any bots at the moment so I guess I'll just have to wait.

The Meh:
Apparently there's all of one achievements. Normally I'd see this as a chance to finally be a completionist but that achievement is for winning a match. Its a minor problem that I wouldn't care if fixed. Basically: whatever, do what you will.

Not a terrible buy for about less than eight bucks. Normally its fifteen so if you think you like what you've seen here, give it a look.

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