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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[FREE STUFF!] 12 Days of Gifts iOS App

Most of my readers enjoy free things and will enjoy this next free thing for their iOS devices. For this, it seems like there is no getting around it-you will need to download the app and actually run it. You can download it through iTunes on your computer, but you need an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to actually get the gifts.

You'll need
-iOS device
-Apple account
-internet access
to get to enjoy these free gifts.

Many of you have probably even passed up on the app, but here's a link to it if you want to download it.

Apple has promised to give a free gift every day for 12 days. These gifts range from music to apps to movies...anything that is available on the iTunes store.

Open it on December 16th and everyday thereafter for 12 days to see what gifts are available to you.

Apple has noted that gifts may vary based on location. Knowing that lots of people travel over this holiday season, this is likely to affect many users. Your gift may come at a different time or be completely different than a friend's because of where you are.

But hurry and get these gifts while they're available!

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