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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Is It Safe to Upgrade to iOS 7 from iOS 6 Jailbreak?

Short answer: no. I wouldn't recommend doing it.

There are a few short lists of what some users have complied as working and what doesn't work like this list.

From what I have personally seen, most apps and tweaks seem to be compatible with iOS 6; however, none, at this current moment, state what is compatible and what isn't with iOS 7.

For the moment, stick with your iOS 6.1.2 and below jailbreak until everything is sorted out. Many of these apps and tweaks already support it but others don't because iOS 7 was a major change.

Many of the tweaks require that you go into your Settings to enable or disable the tweak. iOS 7 has a similar Settings; however, many of these jailbreak apps and tweaks don't recognize it and the tweaks are unseen here.

I would expect many of the developers to already be working on fixes as we speak tonight, but don't get your hopes up. Most will probably have fixes available sometime after January 1, 2014 due to the holiday season. When you begin seeing "iOS 7 compatible" alerts on Cydia, that will be when it is safest to upgrade. But until then, take it from an iOS 7 jailbreaker, give it some time before updating because there's very little that we can do. Tethering doesn't seem to work, 99% of the themes are unsuable (WinterBoard opens but it doesn't seem like any themes or choices can be made and DreamBoard crashes and doesn't open at all), many tweaks don't's just not ready for us yet.

A huge thank you to the guys behind this jailbreak! I and many others are very thankful to have our devices fully unlocked. We continue to wait patiently.

Stay tuned here and other sites for additional information on compatibility.

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