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Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Noted Jailbreak Tweak] iCaughtU

(iGotYa is a similar app, according to users)
It's a no-brainer that a large majority of smart phones in America are some model of iPhone and that many of those are stolen by thieves. It's a pain to have your phone stolen and not returned. Sure, most insurance covers theft now, but why waste money, lose out on a phone for a while, and know that some thief got away clean? Now, a new sort of app can help protect your precious iPhone.

iCaughtU has been around for a while and actually has some testimonies of people that have successfully "found" their phone.

Yes, Apple has Find iPhone that helps users lock, locate, and find a lost iPhone, but what good is that if it's stolen and the thief gets away clean without ever getting caught? And what if your phone's not stolen? What if a snoopy girlfriend or boyfriend is trying to look into your phone without permission or maybe someone else is? Wouldn't you want to know? iCaughtU helps solve these problems.

Most of us have password locks on our phones to keep people out, but sometimes that's just not enough. Sometimes people want to try and guess your code and this is where iCaughtU comes in.

When someone puts in the wrong code, iCaughtU uses your front camera, takes a picture of what's there, and sends it to you e-mail address instantly. iCaughtU can also send the location where the photo was taken and the time when this happened.

Some people have said that all someone has to do is turn off the iPhone and this wouldn't work. That's kind of hard to do as iCaughtU prevents anyone from shutting off the iPhone while its locked.

Some concerns may be that you sometimes put in the wrong code or maybe thieves won't try to unlock a phone if they find it. Well, really, how many times have you found a phone and just put it in your pocket without ever trying to see if it works? If not at that moment, you might pull it out later and try to unlock it and when the code pops up, you'll try putting in something like 1234 just to see if it works. The app also has a setting that allows you to set a number of attempts before it takes a picture.

The app is offered on Cydia for free but there's also a pro version with additional features for $2.50.

Some issues? Well, for one, it doesn't currently work for iOS 7 properly. You can download it, but it will terribly screw up your phone. I needed to restore my phone because it was so bad. Considering the lock screen is the first to pop up, it's understandable. Give it some time and it or others like iGotYa should be compatible soon.

What do you think of the app? Have you tried it? Does it work? Any other issues or comments you'd like to make? From the many comments that I've seen, it seems to be a good app that has worked. Many people have said that the police have caught the thief using the picture taken and retrieved the iPhone successfully.

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