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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I own both a Toshiba HD television and a Toshiba laptop. I am very impressed with Toshiba's quality in both electronics and am a very satisfied customer (still prefer my Smart Samsung HDTV). However, on Sunday evening while watching television and finishing a paper for one of my classes, my Toshiba remote slipped out of my hand and gently hit the Toshiba laptop screen and cracked the screen instantly. The entire left side of the screen was completely totalled. Luckily, I have a HDMI port and connected it to my TV so I could finish what I was doing. But no one can rely on a tv for everything especially considering a laptop is meant to be portable. So I went searching for a screen.

Much like many of you who are probably also searching for a new screen, you're worried about the costs. You've probably already read forum posts, much like I did, as well as reviews about companies and how much they charge.

Toshiba's website quoted me $390 just to replace the screen. Not only that, I would need to send them my laptop then wait, God knows how long, before I get it back. Not reasonable, affordable, or realistic for me and probably not for you either. A few people said that Best Buy's GeekSquad charges $500 to replace the screen which would be the cost of the screen as well as the labor. That's horribly unrealistic considering I paid less than $500 for the computer!! However, they did say that they charged them $100 when they brought their laptop and a screen which is a bit more realistic. Still, I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy so I don't mind doing it at home.

So I came across this website called Normally, I highly recommend anyone to stay away from websites with names like this. Nevertheless, the many positive reviews and reasonable price and shipping time seemed the best choice out of my three choices. So I chose it.

Altogether, I paid a little less than $80 for the screen which comes with a 3 year warranty, the shipping (they give customers a choice between the Postal Service for US customers, FedEx, and UPS), and an additional $5 which they say would give me the ability to return the screen for any reason within a set amount of days.

My Toshiba computer initially came with the cheap glossy crap that the manufacturers force us to get. found my model and found all screens that were compatible with it. Two popped up and one was glossy and the other was matte. Best of all, and most surprising, is that both screens cost the exact same for my model. Since I was sick and tired of my glossy screen, I chose the matte screen. The screen itself was about $59.

I ordered the screen on Sunday night and chose the FedEx 2Day option. It did come today, which is Wednesday, as they had promised. Unlike other online retailers, LaptopScreen allowed me to choose which service I want. I don't like the USPS very much so my choices were between UPS and FedEx. Out of those two, FedEx was the cheapest, so I chose them.

Need I remind you guys that I had never ever changed a laptop screen in my life. However, LaptopScreen has video tutorials to help guide you through the process. It even seems like you can view these videos even if you didn't purchase your screen from them. Unfortunately, their choices were lacking. But their generic video for Toshiba laptops was just fine and helped me start it with no trouble. It was highly informative and made the process so easy for me as a brand new beginner.

After less than 45 minutes, my new screen was installed and ready to go. I'm typing and viewing the blog editor through it right now. It is just as beautiful as the one that initially came with the computer. I gained new information and knowledge, thanks to them, and I have the screen that I wanted at an affordable price.

I highly recommend these guys for anyone considering a new screen. Their service was easy, fast, and professional.

I can't comment on their customer service as I never needed to contact them, but that is a compliment as I didn't run into any issues.

Are they scammers? Not that I could see. There were no hidden costs and no cheap tricks. They are very open about their business and how they run things, even trying to help people understand how their costs are so low. Something that most scammers never do for you. I used a debit card and have not had it been stolen yet, so I'm good there as well.

Has anyone used them? If so, how were they in your opinion?

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