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Sunday, December 22, 2013

[Tutorial] How to Enable Jailbreak Tweaks in iOS 7 Settings (PreferenceLoader & MobileSubstrate)

This entry is written for educational purposes. We, at Whenever I Feel Like It, are in no way responsible for anything that can and may occur to your phone. By continuing to read this entry, you agree to not hold us liable for anything that may or may not occur to your device.

According to most sources and users, iPhone 5S will not allow any sort of MobileSubstrate at the moment. This tutorial is done using an iPhone 5.

Using some jailbreak tweaks and apps, sometimes you are required to access these special settings through the iOS Settings "app". I mentioned earlier that this could not be achieved thanks to changes in iOS 7's design; however, this has been fixed thanks to a new tweak.
Add these repos to your sources in Cydia. To do this, visit the Cydia app and go to Manage.
Now, go to Sources.
In the top right hand corner, click Edit.
In the left corner, click Add.
Now, add these addresses exactly as they are written into the field again and again until they're all finished being added. Your phone may reboot after some of these and it may take a while downloading the necessary information, so please be patient.

(Thanks to the guys at this website for these repos)
Once this is done, download Mobile Terminal from Cydia. Also, download Bootstrap.

After those two have finished installing, open Mobile Terminal and type "su" without the quotations. The default password is "alpine" without quotations. If successful, there should be a # symbol which means you have been granted root access. Now type this without quotations "/bin/". Your device will now reboot.

Once this is done, you should have all of your tweaks available in the Settings app. Below is a screenshot of what mine look like.

See where it says Adblocker, Browser Changer, and WinterBoard? This is what you are trying to accomplish. These are apps currently only available via Cydia and require access through Settings.

I can confirm that Browser Changer works. I was successfully able to open a link from Instagram into Google Chrome even though Apple set the default to Safari.

Any additional tweaks or apps that require Settings should now show up here.


  1. Didn't work for me :/
    Everything works fine, even MobileSubstrate, which is a surprise because I'm on a 5s, but this crappy PreferenceLoader just won't work. I tried everything from installing a patched .deb to sacrificing a lamb - nothing did the trick.

    Isn't there any alternative? I want to use my tweaks :/

    1. Interesting, Adrian. Someone had commented earlier and they stated they were on a 5S as well. (I'm on a 5). They had said something about it already working for them without needing to follow the steps above. Something about the "/bin/" already existed for them.

      Seeing this, there may be some differences between our models.

      Also, what sort of tweaks are you trying to use?

      I noted that Browser Changer works; however, not all of its features seem to work. It will direct me to Google Chrome rather than Safari but it won't allow Google Maps to be default. Also, Adblocker doesn't seem to work either. Maybe it's the tweaks that you're trying to use that aren't working properly.


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