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Friday, January 3, 2014

Blackberry Suing Typo

A successful Kickstarter project has gone public and is almost ready to ship their device known as Typo for iPhone phones. Typo is backed by many consumers through Kickstarter and others like American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest.

The device will attach to the bottom of the iPhone and use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the iPhone to act as a physical keyboard to replace the on-screen one. Typo advertises one of the strengths of this being that it allows for a larger display for applications.

While most in the electronic community are enthusiastic and optimistic about this new accessory, not all share the same feeling. Blackberry, once one of the most popular mobile devices in the United States, especially among businesses, prior to the iPhone's release, has taken issue with the accessory and is taking this fight to the courts.

According to Blackberry, the Typo is much too similar to the Blackberry's earlier devices' keyboards which were highly popular and almost a trademark of the Blackberry brand.

What do you think of the keyboard's design? Does Blackberry have a case (no pun intended) or not?

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